Holmes Breaks His Hand

With 6:58 remaining in the first half, Texas forward Jonathan Holmes left Monday's game against Oklahoma clutching his right hand.

It was a swing point in the game, with Romero Osby exploiting Holmes's absence to score 24 of his career-high 29 points the rest of the contest.

"Well, I mean, arguably probably certainly one of our top two players," said Texas coach Rick Barnes of Holmes. "And he got in foul trouble last game. We played through it, and a guy that's played more minutes than any of the post players. But that's why you have a team, and one thing for certain now: those young guys are gonna get a lot of experience and we need them to play. We need them to develop, but it's the turn of it still goes back to we gotta have better guard play to help those post players.

"Again, he was, I know [on Osby], early," Barnes said. "But I can't tell you how long. He only played eight minutes and we took him out early because he was offensively made a couple poor decisions. And when he came back in, he doesn't know how it happened, you know, He doesn't know what happened. He just knew something was wrong."

And while Holmes's injury had an impact on Monday's game, the Longhorns found out afterward that they'll likely be without him for a significant portion of time. Holmes has a broken bone in his right (shooting) hand, and is currently listed as being out "indefinitely."

"There is no timetable on his return," a UT release said. "The injury is not season-ending at this time."

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