Texas Signing Class: Geoff Swaim

LonghornDigest.com breaks down each member of the Texas 2013 signing class.

Unless he's a dynamic pass-catching threat, tight end can often rank up there with fullback in terms of fan excitement. But just like the latter position, grabbing somebody who can open holes in the running game is a vital player to have on roster. And that's precisely what Texas got in Butte College tight end Geoff Swaim.

Swaim's receiving numbers aren't going to blow anybody away, and he actually came into Butte expecting to play defense. But his size at 6-foot-5 and 255 pounds and his ability to go into motion and make blocks in space like an H-back, or seal the edge at tight end, provides an aspect that the Texas offense has struggled to develop in recent seasons.

Swaim entered Butte as a linebacker prospect, but his football IQ was off-the-charts, and he played a bunch as a freshman when one of the players ahead of him was injured, and he kept his spot even after that other player returned.

Swaim relishes contact, and that's apparent from his film. He has tremendous pop and delivers that from all manner of angles and blocks. His Butte coaches thought that he could also catch the ball and succeed as a receiving tight end, but make no mistake, his main appeal is in his physical nature and blocking ability.

It's also worth noting that Swaim wasn't on scholarship at Butte, so he wasn't ever truly "doing football" on a full-time basis. So there's potential there.

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