Commitment Analysis: Demarcus Croaker National Analyst Brian Snow breaks down new Longhorn commitment Demarcus Croaker's game.

"He's a good player, but not a great player," Snow said of Demarcus Croaker. "He's a pretty good athlete and a guy who can make shots. He doesn't really do anything outstanding, but he does a lot of things pretty well. He has good size for a wing, and he's a guy who can fill a variety of roles."

Croaker has averaged better than 20 points per game in each of his last two seasons. And the Longhorns are in need of an aggressive wing scorer, somebody who can generate his own points. And while Snow said that Croaker had that aggressiveness, he cautioned against expecting too much from the freshman-to-be.

"It's tough for any freshman to do that, to carry a team offensively," Snow said. "Maybe in time, he's a guy that could get there. But I don't know that right away, I'd expect him to be a big scorer."

But Snow said that Croaker has the tools to develop into a strong scorer as his Texas career progresses.

Croaker's commitment gives the Longhorns 12 scholarship players for next season.

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