Breaking Out the Tape

Texas held its annual Pro Day on Tuesday. How did the players measure up to their listed dimensions?

Marquise Goodwin

Listed At: 5-9 180

Measured At: 5-9 177

D.J. Grant

Listed At: 6-3 238

Measured At: 6-1 7/8 236

Jeremy Hills

Listed At: 6-0 205

Measured At: 5-10 3/8 203

Alex King

Listed At: 6-2 205

Measured At: 6-0 1/2 210

Barrett Matthews

Listed At: 6-2 235

Measured At: 6-0 7/8 235

D.J. Monroe

Listed At: 5-9 175

Measured At: 5-7 3/4 175

Brandon Moore

Listed At: 6-5 320

Measured At: 6-5 1/4 317

Alex Okafor

Listed At: 6-4 1/2 265

Measured At: 6-4 3/4 262

Luke Poehlmann

Listed At: 6-7 275*

Measured At: 6-6 3/8 290

* Texas coach Mack Brown repeatedly referred to Poehlmann as over 310 pounds in press conferences, though his listed weight on the roster didn't change for several years.

Ryan Roberson

Listed At: 5-10 240

Measured At: 5-11 5/8 240

Kenny Vaccaro

Listed At: 6-1 218

Measured At: 6-0 217

Quick Analysis

It's always fun to take a look at these, just because in some programs, the listed measurements aren't anything close to reality. But that doesn't appear to be much of an issue in the Texas program.

The first thing that you notice is that all of the weights are pretty much dead-on, or at least within an acceptable range where a guy could gain a few or lose a few pounds here or there. There isn't a 250-pound linebacker who turns out to be 225 once the NFL scouts get a hold of him. Likewise, there isn't a guy who is listed at 310 pounds who came out closer to 340 or 350.

The lone difference is in the heights, and even then, it's not every player. Some of this could probably be explained by whether the player wore shoes. You see that all the time with basketball programs — some, like Texas, for instance, will take a player's height without shoes, and those measurements are always correct when they measure before the draft. Other programs will measure a player with shoes, so he comes in an inch or two taller than he actually is. Charles Barkley, for instance, was always listed at 6-foot-6, despite the fact that he was closer to 6-4.

The biggest bump in height was for Jeremy Hills, who lost more than an inch and a half. Alex King, D.J. Monroe, D.J. Grant, Barrett Matthews and Kenny Vaccaro all lost at least an inch from their listed heights when measured for pro scouts.

Of course, the most interesting case here is Ryan Roberson. He was listed at 5-10, but measured in a full inch and a half taller. That would lead one to believe his height just hadn't been updated. The other interesting one was Alex Okafor, just because Okafor was the only player with a fraction on his listed height (6-4 1/2). Of course, that was pretty darned close to what he actually measured.

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