Huhn's Recovery Going Well

Texas safety signee Erik Huhn talks about his recovery and getting ready for his time on the 40 Acres.

"I'm doing well," Erik Huhn said. "I got cleared and I've been running around and working out.

"It feels good [to be cleared]," Huhn said. "You have something that you love and that you've done all your life, and you can't do it for six or seven months. I'm having fun with it."

Huhn has been able to work out with multiple Cibolo Steele teammates who are also headed off to play college football.

"We mostly do the lifting part," Huhn said. "I'll go out with my dad and run and do drills."

That lifting has helped Huhn add back the mass that he lost after his knee injury, and more. Huhn said that his weight dropped down to 189 to 190 pounds at his lightest during his recovery, but since then, the 6-foot-3 safety has pushed his weight all the way up to 210 pounds.

"It feels really good, and it feels normal," Huhn said of the added weight. "I could definitely play at this [weight]. It's all muscle, basically."

Still, Huhn said he'd put himself at about 60 percent, when compared to the shape he was in prior to his senior season. Huhn played two plays as a senior, making a tackle for loss on the first play and making a leaping interception on the second. He injured his knee upon landing.

"I really have to just get used to doing all these drills," Huhn said. "And then you have the wear and tear of football. It's just going to take more getting used to it."

Still, Huhn should be ready to go when he arrives on the 40 Acres on June 1. And he said he's ready to start his time at Texas.

I'm really excited," Huhn said. "It's a new experience, and it's something I'm definitely looking forward to: living on my own and enjoying the college experience. I'm going to miss my family, but it's something I'm really excited about."

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