Monroe Discusses Buccaneer Contract

D.J. Monroe discusses his future with Tampa Bay after signing a free agent deal with the Buccaneers.

You can't teach speed. And in the case of Longhorn all-purpose threat D.J. Monroe, that made him a valuable commodity after the 2013 NFL Draft ended. Monday, he picked the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as his future home.

"It was between a lot of teams actually," Monroe said. "I have been getting calls and a lot of invites like Green Bay, Chicago, of course Tampa Bay, and I had Jacksonville. I just got that call. I was sitting down playing with my little girl and got the call from my agent saying that Tampa Bay wants you to come down and be their offensive weapon. I said, 'Man, I am down. I am there.'

"I feel like I am in a great situation," Monroe said. "I didn't get drafted which I was a little upset about it, but I couldn't be too upset about it. I know God has a plan for me and wherever he wants me to be that is where I will end up at. With Tampa Bay, they have speed, but they do not have any off-the-top speed. I am going in pretty excited knowing there is a chance I can play many positions. Any way I can help this team win, I will do that."

Monroe said that his aunt Theresa is familiar with the area from having lived in Florida, and added that he has a friend already on the team in running back Mike James. And he pointed out that Tampa Bay utilized a diminutive space back in the past in former Florida State star Warrick Dunn.

"I offer everything [to the Bucs]," Monroe said. "I am a tough player. I have my energy and speed and, of course, my leadership ability because once I get on a team I become a team player."

Monroe didn't get as many touches as many fans would have liked, or perhaps as his speed dictated, at Texas, but Monroe said he enjoyed his time in Austin.

"I think my stay at Texas has been awesome and you try to feel when you are ready to go, and now I feel that I have everything that I need to be ready; growing up-wise, football-wise, and everything," Monroe said. "I am just excited and to even have the opportunity to play at Texas is a once in a lifetime thing. A lot of people don't get to. I have learned a lot and become an adult, and they just teach you everything about life. I just want to thank them.

"I just want to say to the University of Texas that I appreciate everything they have done for me," Monroe said. "I love them, and I will always be a Longhorn. Just know there is another Longhorn in the NFL reppin' them every single day."

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