Commitment Analysis: Martez Walker National Recruiting Analyst Brian Snow breaks down Martez Walker's game.

"Martez is a kid who is 6-5 and who can really shoot the basketball," Snow said. "He's capable of going for 30 in any game, and he can be a high, high level scorer. He's also somebody who is really tough. He'll get after it and defend, and he'll run through a wall for his team."

Texas's main weak spot this past season was its ability to score. And without main facilitator Myck Kabongo and scoring wing Sheldon McClellan, the Texas staff looked for players who could fill it up. Could Walker contribute quickly as a freshman?

"I think he could certainly play a role," Snow said. "If Texas needs instant offense, he's somebody who could come in and make some shots. He's not a great athlete, and he's not really elite at anything other than shooting. But he's somebody you could utilize if you could get him open looks."

Walker is one of two wings landed by the Longhorns in this recruiting class, along with Florida dynamo Demarcus Croaker. Both players are scorers. Could both help turn the Texas offense around long-term?

"I"m sure [Texas] is hoping that," Snow said. "I don't see either as a superstar, per se. Both guys can play. But right now, I don't think they're going to put in the All-American type performances that are going to win you a game."

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