Kabongo at the Combine

Texas guard Myck Kabongo participates in the NBA Scouting Combine in Chicago.

One of the interesting things about the Texas basketball program is that the Longhorns always list players' heights without shoes, whereas most college basketball players measure player heights with shoes on. This becomes especially interesting in that, for the most part, NBA players list their heights in shoes. So a player like Cameron Ridley, who has measured 6-foot-10 in shoes, is listed as 6-9 in the Texas program, but will likely be listed an inch taller when he gets to the NBA.

That could also prove to be the case with Myck Kabongo. The Texas guard measured at 6-1.25 in his bare feet at the NBA Scouting Combine in Chicago, and had a 6-2.75 height with shoes on. He was listed at 6-1 at Texas, but will be listed at 6-2 to 6-3 in the NBA. He also measured at 180 pounds, and had a wingspan of 6-6.25. He also had 6 percent body fat. In case you're wondering, that's a little less than half the body fat percentage posted by J'Covan Brown (12.5 percent) a year ago.

Kabongo also finished in the top six of the 59 participants in the lane agility drill and the modified lane agility drill, a testament to his quickness. But unfortunately, that's where the positives stopped. For somebody who has earned rave reviews for his speed, Kabongo didn't rank in the Combine's top-20 in the three-quarter-court sprint, basically an evaluation of straight-line speed. And his 33.5-inch maximum vertical was way less explosive than the scouts were hoping to see.

But perhaps his biggest flaw was the way he shot. Kabongo hit a Combine-worst 32 percent of his catch-and-shoot jumpers, including a 5-for-25 mark from three-point range. Most of the time, scouts say that they don't pay a ton of attention to a player's shooting percentages because somebody can just have a cold day. But with his shooting ability arguably standing as Kabongo's biggest knock, this could serve as yet another reminder of that weakness.

In mock drafts released prior to the combine, NBADraft.net has Kabongo going 35th to Philadelphia. DraftExpress.com has Kabongo going three picks later to the Pistons. But Kabongo could have potentially pushed himself up into the bottom part of the first round with a strong performance. Instead, he's looking like a second-round pick at best. It will be up to Kabongo to turn those opinions around at private workouts for individual teams.

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