LonghornDigest.com 2014 Texas Top 50

Texas A&M has four of the five players between Nos. 26 and 30 as the LonghornDigest.com Top 50 countdown continues.

26) Kevin Shorter, ATH, Newton

A versatile athlete with great speed, Shorter wants to play running back at the next level but might project best as a defensive back. He has tremendous feet, can make the first guy miss and bounces off tacklers as a runner, while showing the deep speed to hit it big when he finds a crease.

27) Kealvin Davis, OT, Lakeview Centennial — Texas A&M

Davis needs to fill out — he measured at Dallas NFTC at 6-4.5 and 247 pounds. But everything else to be an elite tackle is there. He has great feet and is as quick a tackle as you'll find, meaning that he projects best to the hard-to-find left tackle spot. A great find for the Texas A&M staff once he bulks up.

28) Armani Watts, S, North Forney — Texas A&M

Watts is the rare safety who can do whatever you ask of him. Cover centerfield? Fine. Line up on a slot? OK. Come up in run support? Absolutely. Watts doesn't appear to have elite speed on tape, and he's not huge. But he's a plug-and-play guy who could even excel on offense if asked.

29) Cedric Collins, CB, Dallas Skyline — Texas A&M

In a class that's flat-out stacked with defensive backs, what sets Collins apart? His pure cover skills. Collins is undersized compared to some of the other fare in 2014, but few players have his quick feet, his speed and his ability to shadow receivers, even after double moves.

30) Shaun Nixon, RB, Lake Travis — Texas A&M

Looking for a spread back in the 2014 in-state class? You found the right place. Nixon has done it all for Lake Travis, serving as equal parts power back, scat back and third-down threat. He can pass protect as well, and while he's not a tremendous size/speed guy, he makes up for that with great vision, burst and balance.

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