Ten Thoughts From Mack Brown's Presser

Texas coach Mack Brown discusses the state of the team heading into the summer.

1) Everybody's healthy, or will be. Certainly, that was an outstanding takeaway from Texas head coach Mack Brown's press conference. Certain players, like offensive tackle Josh Cochran, may be limited a bit through the summer. But once fall camp starts, every player is expected to be ready to go.

2) That should probably read: nearly every player. Offensive tackle Garrett Greenlea is "dealing with some medical issues," per Brown, and will take a medical leave of absence. He'll help to coach the younger offensive line players, Brown said.

3) Case McCoy is on a 10-week mission this summer to Peru. The obvious ramification is that it will mean more summer 7-on-7 repetitions for younger guys like Tyrone Swoopes. Brown said McCoy is expected back with the team after he finishes the trip and added that, if the season were to start today, McCoy would still be the No. 2 quarterback.

4) Cayleb Jones is back with the team, though he and Kendall Sanders will miss the season opener as part of disciplinary measures. Brown said other discipline involving both players will be handled internally.

5) Brown said the hiring of Patrick Suddes as the director of player personnel was "working out really well for us."

"Patrick is hands-on at 33 years old and single," Brown said. "A lot of nights I'll get text messages from him about what's happened during the day and what he's read on the internet that kids have said; or maybe it's a birthday of a young man I wouldn't have known about, or something like that. He's also very involved in helping with our coaches clinic already for next year. We think we'll have our best clinic ever. He was very involved in our camp yesterday and coming up, and he's really been involved in the day-to-day recruiting."

6) Right now, Duke Thomas will play both ways. Brown said that Thomas will continue to play cornerback, while he'll have an offensive package prepared for him as well. But that doesn't mean that will be his permanent role. In fact, Thomas's fate will likely have more to do with the incoming freshmen than anything he does. If players like Antwuan Davis are ready at cornerback, Thomas will slide over to offense permanently. If the freshman class can help significantly with wide receiver depth, Thomas might stay put on the defensive side of the ball. But for now, he's both.

7) At the same time, Jalen Overstreet could see time in an offensive athlete-type role. Brown said Overstreet was "a 4.4-type guy that weighs 215 pounds", and added that while Overstreet would still stay "in tune" at quarterback, Overstreet wants to get on the field. Texas really only has three scholarship running backs (though obviously Daje Johnson gets some run there), so that will probably be where Overstreet will spend much of his time, though Brown said he could play a similar role to that of Johnson as a RB/WR/speed sweep type guy.

8) Chevoski Collins will also be looked at as an athlete, while Montrel Meander will be solely a receiver, to try and help upgrade the speed at that position. Collins will get a chance to work on both offense and defense before deciding on his position, and he could work on both sides in summer workouts as well. Even though it wasn't his best event, Meander was a sub-10.8 guy in the 100-meter dash in high school.

9) Brown said he feels like the overall talent level on the roster is similar to what it was in 2005, 2008 and 2009.

"David has got to play up to a Vince Young and a Colt McCoy, which is two of the best quarterbacks in college football history. But we do feel like our other talent level is getting to be very similar."

At the same time, Brown said that the Big 12 has gotten better top-to-bottom than it used to be.

"In fact, if you look at leagues, some have got really good teams at the top and they are really weak in the bottom and there are some easy games and weeks off," Brown said. "In this league, you have no week off. If you look at your schedule, you have to play every week, and that's something that's not happening across the country very often."

10) Brown said the biggest gains David Ash has made have been as a leader.

"The thing we are seeing now, he's becoming a confident leader, and he's pulling kids in," Brown said. "Even in the team meeting last night, they all came back last night and he was up front, high-fiving them and talking to guys. He's definitely at a different place than he was. He is the guy on offense that's running the team. He is the quarterback. We are not in here talking about who is going to be the quarterback now for the first time in the last two years, and I think that puts him in a lot better place with the other kids."

Later, Brown discussed Ash's ability to make plays with his legs as a major asset for the offense.

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