Right Shots for the Right Shooters

Sifting through the returning Longhorns, we look at the best, and worst and most and least prolific shooters from various spots.

In recent years, basketball analytics have jumped to the point where the average fan can analyze where on the floor individual players go to take their shots.

Why is it important? Essentially, you want players shooting from their most efficient spots. Sometimes, that's obvious. You don't typically want your bruising 6-10 center to move away from the basket and start jacking three-pointers. But other times, it's a bit more subtle.

Remember Rick Barnes jumping on Sheldon McClellan for not taking it to the basket? That was with reason. McClellan shot a fantastic 71 percent at the rim, a rate that was second best on the Texas team. But he only took 19 percent of his attempts there, shooting 47 percent two-point jumpers and 34 percent three-pointers. Here's the problem: he shot 33 percent on the two-pointers and 27 percent on the three-pointers. And that doesn't even take into account the fact that McClellan going to the basket could have led to more free throws, with McClellan knocking down 83 percent of his freebies.

Ideally, a player should take the bulk of his shots from his most efficient spots on the floor. If every player does that, obviously an offense operates at max efficiency. But it's rare for players — especially non post players — to do so. Even Connor Lammert, who is Texas's most efficient player at the rim and on two-point jumpers (mind-numbingly so, actually) took the highest percentage of his shots behind the three-point line. Lammert shot 76 percent at the rim, made 48 percent of his two-point jumpers and just 24 percent behind the arc. But he took 34 percent at the rim, 31 percent on two-point Js and 35 percent from three.

With that in mind, here are some of the best, and worst, usage and percentage shooting stats for Longhorn returnees. Statistics are courtesy of KenPom.com and Hoop-math.com

Offensive Rating

High: Connor Lammert, 101.4

Low: Cameron Ridley, 77.2

Effective Field Goal Percentage

High: Prince Ibeh, 58.8 percent

Low: DeMarcus Holland, 37.5 percent

True Shooting Percentage

High: Lammert, 53.9 percent

Low: Holland, 41.6 percent

Percentage of shots at the rim

High: Ibeh, 82 percent

Low: Javan Felix, 23 percent

Shooting percentage at the rim

High: Lammert, 76 percent

Low: Felix, 46 percent

Percentage of shots that were two-point jumpers

High: Felix, 58 percent

Low: Ibeh, 18 percent

Shooting percentage on two-point jumpers

High: Lammert, 48 percent

Low: Ibeh, 22 percent

Percentage of shots that were three-pointers

High: Ioannis Papapetrou, 42 percent

Low: Ibeh, Ridley, 0 percent

Shooting percentage on three-pointers

High: Papapetrou, 36 percent

Low: Ibeh, Ridley, 0 percent

Free Throw Rate

High: Ibeh, 78 percent

Low: Lammert, 19 percent

Free Throw Percentage

High: Felix, 80 percent

Low: Ridley, 33 percent

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