Analyst Breaks Down Three Texas Five-Stars catches up with National Recruiting Analyst Greg Powers about the three Lone Star five stars named Monday, and other rankings questions. released its initial list of twenty 2015 five-stars, including three from the Lone Star State in Malik Jefferson, Daylon Mack and Sotonye Jamabo. caught up with National Recruiting Analyst Greg Powers, who handles recruiting rankings for the Midlands Region, including the state of Texas. Obviously, things can change over the course of a player's recruiting cycle. But you picked talented Mesquite Poteet linebacker Malik Jefferson as your No. 1 player in the state (over Gladewater defensive tackle Daylon Mack) and a five-star prospect. What stood out in your evaluation of Jefferson?

Greg Powers: I have been calling Jefferson and Mack 1a and 1b — they are very close in talent. Jefferson is a speedster of a linebacker who will wreak havoc and make plays in the offensive backfield quite consistently. You have to love his playmaking ability and ability to run and cover. What was your eval of Mack's abilities?

Powers: Mack is that defensive tackle who you picture as a big rock truck. Driving where he wants with the horsepower to get up the road in a hurry if need be. The state of Texas has produced some talented running backs over the last several years, including current Longhorns Malcolm Brown and Johnathan Gray in 2011 and 2012. How does 2015 five-star Soso Jamabo stack up?

Powers: Jamabo is quite different than either Brown or Gray, but would likely draw more comparisons to Brown because of his size. I have thrown out Eddie George comparisons for him, but do not think it is a very accurate comparison. George would square you up and run you over, where Jamabo is more of a shifty runner, a glider, who weaves his way in and out of traffic and is hard to bring down. As always, the one of the questions whenever a list of five-star players is released is: who's next? So who are some in-state players that were potentially on the cusp of a five-star ranking and may be in-line to receive a five-star down the road?

Powers: Kendall Sheffield could be next in line to get a fifth star. A lock-down corner with elite, elite speed. He has nice size as well and is quick in and out of his breaks. He should rate as one of the top cover corners nationally. When evaluating the top players for the Class of 2015 in the state of Texas, was there a particular position group that stood out as a strong one?

Powers: I was pretty impressed with the talent on the offensive line. Maea Teuhema on the interior and guys like Trevor Elbert, Connor Lanfear and Conner Dyer to get things started at tackle.

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