Mack Brown Quick Hits

Texas coach Mack Brown met with the media Wednesday to preview the season.

1) Mack Brown talks more about Ashton Dorsey's transfer

"We met with him and felt like it was best for him that he get a new start somewhere else," Brown said. "We're trying to help him go to the place that he wants to go and give him an unconditional release and get him to move forward."

Brown said that because Dorsey had been hurt for the latter part of camp, the Longhorns had already started to play guys like Hassan Ridgeway, Alex Norman and Paul Boyette more, just in case. Now, he said, Texas still has three defensive tackles who have played a lot in Malcom Brown, Chris Whaley and Desmond Jackson, and the Longhorns need the other three to step up. Ridgeway would be the first of the younger three players to enter the ballgame, Mack Brown said.

2) Daje Johnson could fill a role similar to that of Tavon Austin

"I would like that. That would be good," Brown said. "I don't think we can compare yet, but I would like that. I saw Austin the other night in the pros and he looked the same way. They were missing tackles like all of us missed tackles against him, so he's really good.

"But we do want to get Daje Johnson in a similar role," Brown said. "We want to have him some at tailback, some in space because he's strong. He was a high school running back, he's got great speed, so he can make those space plays in this league that Austin made against all of us last year."

Brown also said that Johnson could factor in as a kick returner, though Johnson needs to improve on his blocking for when he's the "off guy."

3) Oh, and in case you didn't pick it up, Brown is excited about this year's team

"It's honest. I am excited, I see improvement, I see hope," Brown said. "I have worked as hard as I can possibly work for three years to get this team to where it will get back into the mix and I am excited about seeing if we are. I think we are, but we have to play and you have to do it every week.

"So if you sit and say 'well I am not sure if we are very good,' they are saying he's lying," Brown said. "If you say that 'well I am worried about this,' boy is he insecure. If you say 'boy I am excited about this,' they say is he hyping this on purpose to make people excited. I really try to say how I feel and really it sometimes doesn't play very well."

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