By The Rankings: Offense

What would Texas's offense look like if all the position battles played out by recruiting ranking?

When there's a tie in star-ranking, the choice was picked based on overall national ranking. An example would be at running back, where Malcolm Brown, ranked No. 9 overall in the Class of 2011, was selected ahead of fellow five-star Johnathan Gray, who was No. 15 in 2012.

In the case of multiple players at a position, like with wide receiver below, the players are listed from highest-ranked to lowest-ranked. In case of position changes, a player's overall ranking is used. So Bryant Jackson, for instance, gets the nod as the No. 3 receiver though he was actually rated as a safety by because his overall national ranking was higher than that of other players.

Here's the offensive lineup if the most highly ranked players were starting. Injuries and age were not accounted for … this is supposed to be a raw look at a roster's talent, as rated by

QB — Tyrone Swoopes, 4*

RB — Malcolm Brown, 5* (9)

WR — Mike Davis, 5*

WR — Jaxon Shipley, 5*

WR — Bryant Jackson, 4* (115)

TE — Miles Onyegbule, 4* (249)

T — Kent Perkins, 5*

T — Kennedy Estelle, 5*

G — Mason Walters, 5*

G — Curtis Riser, 5*

C — Darius James, 4* (52)

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