Coordinator Corner: Greg Robinson

Texas defensive coordinator Greg Robinson talks about the improving Longhorn defense and the West Virginia offense.

After a rough start against BYU and Ole Miss, the Texas defense has found itself of late, holding Oklahoma, TCU and Kansas to one offensive touchdown apiece, while the Longhorns have scored two defensive touchdowns over that three-game span.

"I think it does a lot for the defense, that they feel like they're carrying their weight and making some plays," said defensive coordinator Greg Robinson. "Obviously, it picks a whole football team up too. I think it's great for those guys. You had three or four guys that were involved in that play to create it. That's even better. It was really exciting."

Robinson's defense will try to keep that momentum Saturday when traveling to face a West Virginia offense that has struggled at times this year, particularly at the quarterback position. The Mountaineers have been able to find some stability at the position of late with Clint Trickett.

"It's one of those things; he's a coach's son," Robinson said. "It's very evident. He just is comfortable playing football. He's been coached well; he's getting the most out of himself, it really looks like to me. He can make plays. He knows what he's looking at. He's going to the right place almost always.

"It just seemed like they were trying to find those other guys, to see if they were going to be the guy," Robinson said. "I just think that he looks very comfortable, and I think that's a nice comforting feeling for coaches too. He gets in that pocket, he knows where he's going, and boom, he gets rid of that ball. He can throw the deep ball; he can get air under that ball. He can throw the sideline-out route. He's making the tough throws. That has to be what they like about him."

Trickett's transition after transferring in from Florida State has been eased by Charles Sims, one of the Big 12's top running backs.

"This guy can go," Robinson said. "He can really go, obviously. He's got speed, but he can put the foot in the ground and make the cut. I think he's tough. He'll be right up there with as good of backs as we've faced this year I think."

In all, Robinson said West Virginia didn't present a hugely unique challenge as an offense.

"I don't think it's a whole lot different than other teams that we have seen," Robinson said. "They're going to give us different personnel groups like these other teams do. I don't think that they're going to be as high-tempo as some of the teams that we've gone against. I think it's not going to be that style as much, but all in all, they spread the field, they chuck it around, they run the ball, they try to utilize a ton of different people. So, I find it to have a lot of similarities to teams that we've played."

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