Talking Texas Class National Recruiting Analyst Evan Daniels answers three questions about the Texas recruiting class.

1) What is Texas getting in Jordan Barnett?

Evan Daniels: "Texas is getting a wing with good size, a 6-foot-6 guy with the ability to score. He's a good shooter off the catch and has a nice mid-range game, and he's a really solid athlete."

2) Texas is looking for players who can play in more of an up-and-down game. Barnett has a reputation for being a good transition player. Is he a good fit for what the Longhorns want to do?

Daniels: "Yeah, I think that would fit with what he does well. He has good size and good strength, and he's somebody that can finish in transition. He does well when he can get out into open space. I think he's a great fit for an up-tempo system."

3) When Texas was at its height under Rick Barnes, the Longhorns were luring in the state's top players in prospects like T.J. Ford and Lamarcus Aldridge. What does Texas need to do to get back to landing those kinds of kids?

Daniels: "Win. It's pretty simple. If they're winning basketball games, and they're playing at a high level, then it helps on the recruiting trail for sure. They've missed on so many in-state guys. Myles Turner is somebody that they have a chance at. He grew up a Texas fan, watching Texas. He's important, because it just takes one guy to go to a school for that school to become cool again."

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