Coordinator Corner: Greg Robinson

Texas DC Greg Robinson talks about Texas Tech's offense.

With the Big 12 often be described as a motley assortment of spread offenses, Texas Tech brings its own unique flavor to the group.

"One: they're a tempo team that gets it going pretty good. Two: they're averaging throwing that ball 60 times, but that could be good, it could be bad, who knows," said Greg Robinson, Texas defensive coordinator. "But they have talent. They have talent on that offensive side. I think that quarterback is a good football player and very comfortable out there. They have the ability to throw the football, but they have receivers, too, that work well. They've got a system. You can tell you are going against a system that works well. It's pretty elaborate."

While some have been quick to label Kliff Kingsbury's offensive brew congruent to that produced by Mike Leach, Robinson said there were some differences.

"There are some similarities," Robinson said. "I think he's got his spin on it, but I think there is a home base there and yeah, there are some roots, I suspect from the past, but it's clear he's put his trademark on it.

"They can get guys out there like it looks like they are getting five out, a back out and four receivers out and spreading the field as quickly as they can, and that's kind have been a lot of the philosophy of some of the other guys," Robinson said. "So they have similarities."

But one of the main differences has been the utilization of tight end Jace Amaro, a 6-foot-5, 260-pound destroyer of defenses.

This guy is unique. He's very unique," Robinson said. "I'm trying to compare him, he's not as tall as Rob Gronkowski, I know Rob very well, but he affects the game similarly. He's a big body guy. He's like a power forward playing basketball. He can body out and get to the ball, but he's got enough finesse in him that, you know, he's all over the field. He's catching deep balls, he's catching short balls and crack backs on the screen passes. He does a lot of things."

Tech may be using its third starting quarterback of the season, but Robinson said the Red Raiders have been good at the position.

"I don't know really what the situation is," Robinson said. "I'm not the best guy with the names, but I know that there is a No. 6 (Texas Tech QB Baker Mayfield). I know there is a guy playing lately and I'm impressed. He's got a strong arm. He can flat spit. He's accurate. He's made some passes that I think are very good, and he's young. When I look at him, I say that their quarterback situation is pretty darn strong."

Robinson also said Texas would have to prepare for Tech's run game.

"Oh, they will run the football on you," Robinson said. "They have some things that they are unique at in some ways. When they go in two-back offense, they run some plays that very few people run. So we've got to spend a little time working on that stuff as well. But they do know how to run the football. I just think that's all part of it. And yeah, they have their own little way of doing it."

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