Coordinator Corner: Greg Robinson

Greg Robinson has a tall task this week in taking on the Baylor offense. He speaks about that challenge, inside.

Baylor's offense has been making defensive coordinators tear their hair out over the past few seasons. So you can imagine Texas defensive coordinator Greg Robinson's surprise when a reporter asked him if it was fun to prepare for the Bears' explosive attack.

"I don't know if fun is the right word, but it's a nice challenge," Robinson said. "It's definitely a challenge. I think everybody's working hard and looking forward to the opportunity."

"Do they do a better job [than other spread offenses]? I don't know," Robinson said. "I will say this: I see the film and I see some of the numbers they're throwing up, but I also see some of these other teams that are pretty darn good too. I just look forward to getting in there and matching our guys up and letting the chips fall as they may."

One of the things that makes Baylor's offense so unique is just how far the Bears spread teams out, with their outside receivers often lining up outside the numbers.

"It's a long ways," Robinson said. "I take pictures on my screen so I can print them just so I can save some of these. I want to show them to my grandkids so I can say 'this is how you use a field.'"

The Bears can do that thanks to quarterback Bryce Petty, who has thrown 28 touchdown passes to just two interceptions this season.

"He's like a lot of guys in this league I'm telling you," Robinson said. "We just keep seeing good quarterbacks. He's a good quarterback. He has good weapons around him. He knows how to get the ball to those guys. He's got a running game, which helps because it slows down the rush. I think that's their intent."

That ability, and intent, makes Baylor more of a challenge than many other spread offenses, Robinson said.

"The thing I think, and now that we are coming to the end of it, I think their running game is for real," Robinson said. "They are going to run the football. Some of these other teams are going to run it, but I don't think the commitment is the same. These guys are committed to running the ball."

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