MSU Coach Talks Up Longhorns

Michigan State coach Tom Izzo had plenty positive to say about Texas after the two teams matched up last weekend.

After Michigan State's 92-78 win over Texas, Spartan coach Tom Izzo had plenty of positives to mention about his own team. But he also saved plenty of praise for his opponents, speaking glowingly about the young Longhorns that challenged his squad.

"Let me start off by saying that was a big win for us," Izzo said. "I love Texas's team. I think Rick's done an unbelievable job with those young kids and the future here is incredibly bright when you look at the freshmen and sophomores they've got."

Izzo went on to compliment the Longhorns' team speed.

"They play at warp speed, boy I tell you what," Izzo said. "I absolutely love Taylor and Holland. I think they're going to be really good here.

"I think you're going to love this team down here, those of you that are Longhorn fans," Izzo said. "It's definitely, as I look through the years, there's maybe been been years with more talent, but not a better team in the chemistry and how hard they play."

And Izzo said that has had a noticeable effect on Texas coach Rick Barnes.

"I was watching the game at North Carolina and I just see him more at peace with himself and his team," Izzo said. "When they had that flagrant foul at the end and he's got a smile on his face. That kind of told the story.

"I love this team's chemistry," Izzo continued. "I love the Taylor kid, everybody tells me [he's] just a hell of a kid and player. I just think they're more together.

"I went through it myself, guys, you got superstars sometimes that don't buy in or are looking for other things," Izzo said. "I felt for [Barnes] last year, I thought it was a tough year on him, but I've been there. I've been there and won, and I've been there and lost. And I thought for the most part, his guys are playing so hard."

Izzo had a parting message for Texas fans.

"I'm telling you, enjoy this team," Izzo said. "It's so young that if they keep growing and playing hard, it's going to be a special team. I think some this year, and I think in years to come."

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