Moving Forward: TEs

With a new coaching staff headed to Austin, looks at the position-by-position talent on campus. Up now, the tight ends.

Whoever the new coach is, if they're looking for tight ends that can block, they'll have a couple older players. And if they want players who are capable of going out and putting up Jace Amaro-type numbers (or even, say, a 35-50-catch season), they might have to go outside of the roster to find one.

One of the popular narratives in recent years has been Texas's inability to find strong tight end play. And in 2013, that narrative was only half right. Tight ends Geoff Swaim and Greg Daniels were outstanding blockers who helped to pave the way for a power running game. But they also combined for four catches for 32 yards with no touchdowns … the entirety of the team's tight end production in the passing game.

Additionally, Josh Cochran moved to tight end after losing some weight, though he's also not a receiving threat, and he's expected to be back at offensive tackle next year.

That's not to say that there aren't potential weapons in the passing game on roster. M.J. McFarland is thought of as a receiving threat at the position, as is former receiver Miles Onyegbule. But neither player has been able to block well enough to dictate inclusion in the lineup, nor have they displayed the receiving prowess to force the coaches to leave a receiver on the sideline in passing situations.

After the Longhorns' success in the junior college ranks with Swaim, Texas attempted to grab tight end John Thomas, more of a balanced player, though Thomas struggled academically and the two sides parted ways. And though the Longhorn staff might have found a potential replacement in Blake Whiteley, they'll have to wait for the new staff to decide whether to push harder there in that recruitment.

WIthout knowing the new coach's system, it's impossible to know the level of reliance they'll have on the position. But with Swaim and Daniels finishing up their careers after 2014, the new staff will need to land players for the future.

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