Anderson Picks Longhorns

O. Perry Walker (La.) offensive lineman Alex Anderson talks about why he picked Texas and his plans to compete early for a job.

Three-star guard Alex Anderson of O. Perry Walker said it was a tough decision after visiting Texas and Arizona State back-to-back, but the one-time Sun Devil commitment elected to switch his commitment to the Longhorns after finishing those visits.

"I really enjoyed my visits to both of them," Anderson said. "Arizona State had a beautiful campus. But it just got down to wanting to be more close to home. That was probably the biggest impact.

"I felt more comfortable at Texas," Anderson said. "Both fit my situation compatibly, but Texas was closer to home."

Make no mistake: Anderson was a top target for the new Texas staff. New Texas offensive coordinator/offensive line coach Joe Wickline began recruiting Anderson when he was at Oklahoma State, and on his first day on the job, Anderson was the first prospect he called, and the first prospect he offered.

"That's a big statement," Anderson said. "You're recruiting me for a powerhouse like Oklahoma State, then you move to a bigger powerhouse like Texas and you still want me? He could have had anyone in the world, but he decided he still wanted me. That said a lot to me."

Anderson said Wickline told him that the new offense would be "balanced" with both some spread and some drop-back elements to it. And with Anderson enrolling at Texas early, in time for spring ball, he feels like he'll have a chance to make an early impact.

"I feel like with the new coaching staff and a new system, everybody has to start on a new page together," Anderson said. "It's going to be crazy, but it's going to be a good kind of crazy. Everybody's going to be competing for their jobs."

The word "competing" could be used to describe Anderson's game. His senior tape is full of him finishing off blocks, driving defenders into the turf with his nasty streak.

"I was just talking to Coach Wickline about that," Anderson said. "He said the difference with me at the next level is that I would probably have to temper down my nasty streak just a bit. There were a lot of things that I did in high school where, because of the technique, or the high-tech cameras, that I might have to clean up some at the next level.

"But I most definitely want to come in and compete," Anderson said. "I want to be a true freshman All-American."

Anderson said Wickline saw him as a player who could play both guard and tackle at the next level, and that he would get a chance to play both, depending on injuries and depth.

"We're going to see where I transition the best," Anderson said. "I have a lot of speed, so I think eventually, I'm going to be on an island at tackle. But really, it's wherever Texas needs me."

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