2016 QB Enjoys Texas Visit

While the majority of Texas's Junior Day consisted of in-state 2015 prospects, an out-of-state 2016 said that he loved the experience.

"Texas really felt like home today," said Josh White, a 2016 from Walton (Ga.). "Coach (Charlie) Strong, he had me hyped and ready to play already. The way he talks and the way he leads a team is great. I got to talk to coach Shawn Watson a lot, and he reminded me a lot of the offensive coordinator I have at my high school right now and he's really big on quarterbacks being consistent, and the offense is pretty much the same I run at my high school right now."

Watson invited White back for the elite QB camp this summer, and White said that he enjoyed forming relationships with Watson and Texas offensive assistant Riley Dodge. His time with them also allowed him to explore the basics of the Longhorn offense.

"(Watson) said they're going to be multiple," White said. "Multiplicity is how they're going to kill defenses. They're going to be in a lot of spread, pistol and under center some this year some, too. That's what I do at my high school. Some of the patterns they were talking about were pretty much universal, really simple.

He wants to keep the offense really simple and wants it to be so everybody knows what they're doing and it's going to be a really simple read for me, a one, two, three or run type of thing," White said. "So that's what I really like. Simpler is always easier."

Not that White always takes the easy way. It's a quick YouTube search to find White logging hard time to improve himself as a quarterback, spending time on his footwork, drops and hitting receivers in a variety of spots.

"This offseason was really big about feet and my ability to hit receivers in stride as soon as they come out of their breaks," White said. "Now, I'm getting to perfecting that."

White said that training to get better involved finding little details that could be improved and turning those into his strong suits. And the Texas staff made a nice move by showing him tape of former Louisville quarterback Teddy Bridgewater.

"Teddy Bridgewater is always like a role model to me," White said. "He can run, but he's not a runner. He gets out of the pocket, and the threat of him on his feet makes his passing game that much better. He's still a pro-style quarterback. He still can move, but he's not a runner. He's still a passer, and one of the best passers going into the draft. That's what I want to be when I get to be a junior or senior in college."

In fact, the 6-foot-5, 220-pound White said he tries to pattern his game after Bridgewater's.

I look at myself as a distributor," White said. "That's what (Bridgewater) did. He got the ball to a lot of different receivers. Or I could say Jameis Winston. He got the ball out to several different receivers. He wasn't a runner, he's still a pro-style quarterback, but he still can make plays on his feet, he can get out of the pocket and be a threat to run, but still throw the ball. That's what I like.

"I run a 4.7 myself," White said. "But if I have a guy who runs a 4.4, 4.3, he could probably do something better with the ball than I could."

When asked what he's looking for on his visits, White responded: "I really want to know that it feels like home."

"I'm planning on spending four or five years at wherever I make my decision and wherever I make my decision is who I'm going to stick with," White said. "I'm looking for the academics, of course, and the coaching staff, how I feel with them, how they're going to use me, the type of offense that is there and just the tradition. I love the Longhorns. Everybody here are big Longhorns, hooking 'em and all that type of stuff. So I really love that kind of thing."

White is hearing from pretty much the entire SEC, he said, with Mississippi State representing his only offer.

"Mississippi State is definitely my No. 1 right now because they're my only offer," White said. "But Texas put something on my mind today. They could shake things up if they offer me. I also really like Clemson."

White said that Strong got his message across well on Saturday.

"They're a physical team," White said. "They're going to work hard, and that's how they're going to play."

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