Townsend Fits Texas Well

It wasn't Cameron Townsend's first trip to Texas. But it might have been the most important trip the speedy linebacker from Fort Bend Ridge Point made to the 40 Acres, he said.

"I had a great time, learned a whole lot about the coaching staff, about the program, what it is they want to do, how they want to do it," Townsend said. "Meeting all the new coaches and everything, I had a great time.

"I guess it was really just establishing the fact that there's a new coaching staff," Townsend said. "It's like 'hey, this is probably what you were used to, but this is what we're doing now.' That was really it. Like I said, just the coaches showing how they are and how they're going to treat people."

Townsend said one of the highlights was meeting with linebackers coach Brian Jean-Mary and breaking down film of the defense.

"He showed me where he saw me playing, from where I'm at right now, a lot of blitz packages. So he broke it down and showed what he expected of me and how I could get there."

For perhaps the entirety of his coaching career, Texas coach Charlie Strong has built his defenses around speed. And in Townsend, who ran a SPARQ-tested 4.03 shuttle last year, the Longhorns would seem to have a scheme fit.

"Well, I'm not a slow player, so I think I'd fit in pretty well," Townsend said. "One thing that they put an emphasis on is, as long as you can give effort and fly to the ball, and everything else goes according to plan, you can come play for them. So I think I can run fast to the ball, they want us to run sideline-to-sideline and just go get the ball, go get to the ball carrier."

That's certainly something Townsend, now 6-2 200, has shown on tape, earning a bevy of offers. But Townsend said he hasn't really started to pare down the number of schools on his list.

"I feel like there are a select few schools that are the most interested in me," Townsend said. "But right now, I still have a whole 'nother season to go. I'm not sitting here saying this school is No. 1, this school is No. 10. So not exactly a top 10, but definitely some schools that are more interested in me than others."

Townsend said you could put the Longhorns in that boat, and said they would likely be in his recruitment through its entirety.

"Definitely," Townsend said. "I can honestly say Texas will be one of the schools I favor."


"Because of today," Townsend said. "Because of meeting the new coaches and seeing that they want to do with me what it is that I want to do. I want to apply some pressure and things like that. I feel like they feel like I fit into what they want to do. And so do I. They would definitely be high on my list because I feel like I could come in and perform well."

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