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Welcome to the Daily Dose, a daily collection of random musings surrounding Longhorns athletics and recruiting. Today we'll look at some interesting notes from Texas head coach Charlie Strong's press conference after Tuesday's practice.

One of the biggest pieces of news Strong confirmed on Tuesday was that offensive tackle Kent Perkins went down with a knee injury. He was, however, unsure of how serious it was but did say he has the chance to miss the next couple of days.

This news makes it unlikely that Perkins will be able to participate in the full-pads team scrimmage on Saturday.


It's been well documented as to just how much tight ends have been non-existent in the Longhorns passing game over the last few seasons.

Greg Daniels led Texas' tight ends with 28 yards receiving in 2013. Twenty-eight. Geoff Swaim was second with 14.

Strong hinted that those numbers would be drastically different this fall.

"Well, that's a position we have to get better at," he said. "You look at the guys that we have that are playing right now – they're going to be a big part of our offense. So they understand and know that they need to get better because they're going to catch a lot of balls, and they are going to be really heavily involved."


Because Texas has played so many freshman and sophomores over the past two seasons there wasn't a ton of turnover heading into the spring.

But that hasn't stopped several players from taking advantage of their opportunities to impress the new staff.

Strong mentioned several by name including, DE Shiro Davis, CB Bryson Echols, Kendall Sheffield, Daje Johnson, Jacorey Warrick and several others.

"Even [Jalen] Overstreet at running back has done a really good job," he said. "[Deoundrei] Davis at linebacker. All those young players, some that were redshirted last year, they're coming on and developing and getting better.


When it comes to today's Pro Day, Strong said he'd be there to support the players participating even though he didn't coach any of them.

"I always look at it like this, I know I didn't recruit these players and they didn't play for me, but they are still a part of the University of Texas and a lot of them have been by the office," he said.

Strong said that he has meetings with three or four players in his office every day.

"I'm excited for them because they have a chance to get in front of the pro scouts and whoever shows and just show their skills and the work they've put into it.

"That's their dream and that's what they want to be accomplished in, so you can back them and hope that good things happen for them tomorrow, that they have a good day and things work out. Some of them probably won't be able to sleep tonight for that day and that opportunity. I'm so happy and I'm just going to go out there and walk around and watch them participate."


Strong hinted that he would ask his cornerbacks to play some man coverage under Vance Bedford, which has to be a welcomed sign for the DBs. That's the easiest way for a defense to put max pressure on the quarterback.

"You want to have a defense that can put pressure on offenses, is not afraid to blitz and play man coverage," Strong said. "I've told our DB's that we're going to go play some man coverage. You have to be ready to go play and if you get beat, what you do is forget the last down. You have to have short memory."


One of the main reasons Strong decided to go with defensive backs coach Chris Vaughn as the program's special teams coach is because of the constant energy he brings.

"He's a very energetic coach," Strong said. "That guy just goes, goes, goes. That's why he's in charge of special teams. You have to have energy, you have to have enthusiasm, you have to be able to get the guys to just go play at their ability. That's what Chris can do. He can drive them and he does. At practice, from period one to period however many we have, he's coaching and he's going."

Vaughn has his hands full this spring/fall in trying to find a kicker to replace All-American Anthony Fera. The leading candidates are likely Nick Jordan and Nick Rose. Though Will Russ, Ben Pruitt and Michael Davidson are also capable.


The most notable slogan of Strong's young tenure on the 40 Acres is him wanting to put the ‘T' back in Texas.

Strong said he came up with it after asking a recruit what he thinks about Texas.

"He gave me his answer and I said, 'Hmm I need to find a way to get the 'T' back, huh?' And he said yes," Strong said. "So when you talk about just toughness and talk about trust because you always want a tough team whether it be mental or physical, you talk about trust when guys trust one another and they care enough because if you care about somebody you are going to trust them.

"And then just being together and as you develop that togetherness you develop a football team. So that is what you are looking for when you are trying to get that 'T' back and we got some ways to go, but we will get it back eventually."


One of the main players you know Strong is keeping close tabs on is WR/RB Daje Johnson, who was ruled academically ineligible for the Alamo Bowl last season.

It became clear on Tuesday that Strong sees the potential for a big-time playmaker in the sophomore from Pflugerville Hendrickson.

"The thing about Daje is that [as an] inside receiver for us right now, very talented, and very explosive," Strong said. "You watch him and he was one of the guys - just joking the other day - and I said that if he gets the ball in his hands he can score a touchdown or it can go the other way because he may drop it! But I told him that he is a very explosive, exciting player. Tough. Very tough."

Johnson is one of the fastest players on a team that Strong says "can really run."

"I look at our wide receivers and the skill positions, we can run, and it is a lot of speed and it is a matter of taking that speed and playing at the numbers he thinks he can run at," Strong said.

What Strong means by that is that if a players says he can run a 4.5 then the staff is going to expect him to play at 4.5 speed.

"You can see it out there on the field and you can see the separation when we go on one-on-one drills and the guys on defense can close the gap," he said.

Strong hasn't even seen perhaps the fastest player on the roster in CB Sheroid Evans, who is out this spring recovering from a torn ACL.

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