Recruit Q&A: DE Isaiah Washington

With four offers out to recruits from the Bayou State in 2015, it's clear that Texas' new staff is trying to keep the pipelines through Louisiana open and flowing as they have been in Austin for a long time.

While he may not have a UT offer, 2015 defensive end Isaiah Washington (New Orleans/Edna Karr) is squarely on Texas' radar. If the Longhorns do plan on getting in the mix with the No. 49 DE in the country, they'll have to overcome his commitment to LSU as well as compete with offers from Florida, Kansas State, Louisiana Tech, Oklahoma State, TCU, Tennessee, Tulane and Washington State. LonghornDigest caught up with Washington to gage his interest in the Longhorns.

What is your relationship like with Texas' staff?

"They say that they really want me, they just haven't offered me yet. They said they want to create a great bond with me and want me up there soon. I spoke to some of the coaches last night actually. I spoke to Coach [Chris] Vaughn. I loved him. He had a ton of energy. We just clicked. I felt like he is a coach that I could be around. I enjoy him recruiting me."

Will you visit the Longhorns at some point?

"Oh yeah. I don't know when but I will make it down for a visit."

How often do you hear from Texas?

"They definitely show me a lot of attention. I hear from them every week."

How much does it mean to you to hear from a school like Texas that traditionally hasn't recruited outside of its borders all that much?

"It really impresses me because it's like the college of America. It's the No. 1 college to go to because their tradition is so great and they play with so much pride. For them to want me, it's an honor."

How strong would you say your commitment is to LSU right now?

"I don't know. Right now I really can't say. All I can say is I'm committed. It's not a "hard" or "soft" commitment. I'm just there."

But you are definitely going to take visits?

"I'm trying to go to as many schools as I can to experience everything, and see my pros and cons. It's my first year really in the recruiting process so I can't say I like this or that because I haven't been anywhere. I might not like the dorm somewhere until you get to the dorm room."

What is it about you that have all these schools, including Texas, so interested?

"I have length and I don't care if that play is going away from me, I'm going to make the tackle. I play on the weakside so a lot of stuff doesn't come my way. You'll see on my highlight video that I'm in a lot of stuff backside that I'm chasing down. I'm also playing with 11 seniors that all went Division I and I'm playing in New Orleans with the best of the best. That's why I feel that I should at least be the No. 5 DE in the nation. A lot of people say I'm underrated, but I don't know why I'm not ranked at the top."

How fast are you?

"I run 4.7- 4.8. I'm working on that because I feel that's too slow for me."

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