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Dillon loves Texas visit

Vahe ready for Texas

Proche shows out at NFTC

Mayden competes for Opening invite

Moses in contact with UT

Tolbert not hearing from Texas

Dillon loves Texas visit

How do you know that you're a fast football player? When you run an electronic 4.52 40-yard dash and are visibly disappointed with the result. But that's the fate of Pine (La.) athlete Derrick Dillon, who ripped off a 4.37 40 at LSU camp last summer.

"I didn't run too well; my best was a 4.5," Dillon said. "I was planning on running a 4.4 or a 4.3, something like that."

Dillon plays quarterback for Pine, where he's absolutely deadly with the ball in his hands, using his speed, acceleration and ability to cut on a dime to put more people on their rears than a furniture store. So how did Dillon perform at a different position (wide receiver) on Sunday, particularly against an absolutely loaded defensive back field?

"I think I played pretty decently," Dillon said. "The hardest thing was trying to (track) the ball. Running routes wasn't too hard."

As a matter of fact, the four-star made several DBs in attendance look bad on deeper routes when he was able to create tremendous separation.

"That's my favorite thing to do, run the deep routes," Dillon said. "I don't like the short ones."

Dillon's athleticism has attracted 12 offers so far, from schools like Notre Dame, Florida State, Texas A&M and Tennessee, among others. And he actually came to the Houston NFTC fresh off a Texas visit on Saturday.

"I went over there yesterday," Dillon said Sunday. "I was supposed to go make the practice, but I didn't make the practice time. But I was able to meet some of the coaches.

I loved everything; everything about it," Dillon said. "It was pretty cool."

Texas defensive backs coach Chris Vaughn has been the lead man on the Longhorns' push into Louisiana, and he's been Dillon's lead recruiter. Dillon said Texas sees him as a wideout who could move around and play either outside or inside to take advantage of matchups.

At this point, Dillon said he doesn't have any plans for other visits or camps to attend. (Flaherty)

Vahe ready for Texas

There was a time shortly after Mack Brown's resignation as Texas' head football coach that four-star offensive guard Patrick Vahe (Euless, Texas/Trinity) contemplated his commitment to the Longhorns.

"I was thinking about a new coaching staff that I wasn't going to be sure of," he said. "I thought about looking around a little bit."

His commitment was solidified upon meeting the new coaching staff and finding out how organized and tight-knit they were.

"When I got to meet the new coaching staff everything changed," he said. "It was the relationship they had together. After a couple of weeks I thought they were going to still be working on straightening some things out, but they were all on the same page. They are ready to take it to the next level pretty quickly."

It's a good thing the Longhorns made that impression on Vahe, who is one of the top linemen in the country. The Nike Football Training Camp at DeSoto High School on Saturday thought highly enough of him to name him the offensive line MVP. Now that he's got his invite to The Opening, Vahe is going to focus on being as productive a member of Texas' 2015 recruiting class as he can be.

"I'm very excited," he said. "I'm more than excited because UT is a childhood dream that I always wanted to accomplish. My dream came true."

One of the biggest reasons Vahe stuck with his commitment was because of offensive line coach Joe Wickline and the relationship they've built over the last few months.

"Right now it's like a brotherly type of relationship," said Vahe, the No. 7 OG in the country. "When we started talking he let me know what his plans are and I got a good understanding. We just started talking and I found out he was a cool dude.

"It's going to be very, very exciting. Knowing that he is the top offensive line coach, man."

While it would have been nice playing with his cousins Sione and Maea Teuhema at Texas, Vahe said he's happy for the former UT commits who are now pledged to LSU (Sione signed as a part of the 2014 class).

Vahe laughed when asked if he was upset that he wouldn't play with them at Texas, but added: "It would have been a good experience being with my family. But it is what it is. We talk a little smack. I tell them if they want to meet us on the field then I'll be there." (Wilkerson)

Proche shows out at NFTC

Three-star wide receiver James Proche (Dallas/Prime Prep) was one of the best receivers at the camp. Had it not been for five-star Damarkus Lodge (Cedar Hill, Texas/Cedar Hill), he would have likely been the WR MVP.

One of the things you notice immediately about him is how easily he catches every ball with his hands, and doesn't let the ball come into his chest. Receivers with weak hands have a tendency to catch the ball with their chest, which is tough to do with pads on.

Strengthening his hands is something Proche has worked on ever since the eight grade.

"When I was in eighth grade I carried around a tennis ball everywhere I went," he said. "In seventh grade my line coach would always squeeze my hand and it was incredibly hard. So I started to squeeze the tennis ball. I went from catching to bring it in to catching it and keeping it where it is because no matter how hard they swipe it they aren't getting it from me."

His talent doesn't portray his offers list – Colorado State, Houston, SMU, TCU, and Tulsa (not schools, but number of offers) – but it could soon. He's expecting the likes of Alabama, LSU, Penn State and most all of the Big 12 schools to visit him this spring.

He was going to try and make it to TCU after the NFTC but wasn't able to make it. Proche did add that he was very, very interested in TCU.

As for some schools he'd like to hear more from?

"I hear from LSU but not as much as I want," he said, "and also Baylor and Mississippi State."

And Texas? Well he hasn't heard much from the Longhorns since he made it down for UT's second junior day on March 1. But he does expect them to stop by in the spring.

Proche, a three-star receiver, said he doesn't really care what type of offense he plays in at the next level, and he has his reasons.

"Not really because, as a receiver, I know you want to be in a spread but I also like to block," he said. "And pro style gets you ready for the NFL. So it doesn't matter to me. I feel like I am versatile enough to play in any type of offense."

Here is some film of Proche during 1-on-1s from Saturday:


Mayden competes for Opening invite

No, it didn't come on the spot. And only an elite few underclassmen get invited to The Opening at all. But that didn't stop top 2016 cornerback Jared Mayden from setting an Opening Invite as his lofty goal for Sunday's Houston NFTC Combine.

"I have to lock up every receiver that I have to go against," Mayden said. "I wonder who the number one receiver is out here. I want to hopefully go against him.

"How do I tell? You watch," Mayden said. "You look and you might see a taller receiver doing some things. It's kind of an eyeball test to see who the best is. When you see somebody going out there and beating other people, and all the coaches hyping him up, 'oh, he's one of the best, he can go against anybody', that's when I'll go up against him."

As a standout for Sachse this past year, Mayden has already drawn attention for his unique skill set.

"If it's a littler guy, I'll press and shadow him," Mayden said. "If he's a bigger guy, and I can tell I'm more athletic, then I'll really get physical because he can't run away from me."

Mayden competed at the Houston NFTC, rather than the closer Dallas one, because he was at Texas A&M on a visit Saturday.

"It went good," Mayden said of the visit. "They definitely helped themselves in my evaluation process."

How much so?

They're up there, definitely tied first with Texas and Texas A&M right now, and Baylor's at a really close second," Mayden said. "Before yesterday, it was Texas and Baylor and Texas A&M in second. So I know it's going to be changing a lot these next few months.

"The only three offers I have are in-state," Mayden said. "I've been getting tons of mail from USC. Hopefully they'll come into contact with my head coach so I can talk to them more."

Even if other schools don't enter into his recruitment (which isn't realistic, with Mayden's profile and skills as a bigger corner), this one shapes up to be a dandy, with Texas ace recruiter Chris Vaughn going up against A&M ace David Beaty and Baylor recruiting coordinator Jim Gush. Mayden said he's looking for the staff that can best communicate their vision on how he could help their program after arriving on campus.

Mayden visited Baylor two weeks ago for a practice, and said he's planning to visit Texas's spring game. Mayden said he plans to make a decision sometime after Signing Day 2015, which will come midway through Mayden's junior year. (Flaherty)

Moses in contact with UT

LSU athlete commitment Dylan Moses, perhaps the top 2017 prospect in the country, participated in the Dallas NFTC one day after visiting TCU.

The future five-star recruit said he would also be visiting Texas for a camp this summer. He's been in touch with Charlie Strong and his new staff in Austin and likes what he's heard so far.

"I talked to him in February," Moses said. "I can't remember everything he told me but I know he's a great coach, is laid back, has a great personality and I think he is going to do great things at Texas."

Mack Brown had approved Moses, perhaps the most physically gifted recruit at the camp on Saturday, for an offer a while back and he thinks he'll get one from Strong sooner rather than later.

"He said he was pretty confident in me and that I'm going to keep progressing throughout the years," Moses said. "He's keeping his faith in me."

Moses is already a national phenomenon having appeared on numerous magazine covers and committed to LSU in Sept. He also has offers from the likes of Alabama, Auburn, Baylor, Florida, Florida State, Georgia, Miami, Ole Miss, Nebraska, Notre Dame, Ohio State, Tennessee, Texas A&M and UCLA.

So while he might be young, he's already a veteran of the process.

"You just have to know how to deal with it," he said. "It's like I'm in another world, like I'm in a dream. Everywhere I go I hear people saying ‘Hey it's Dylan Moses, it's Dylan Moses.' Everywhere I go I have people that notice me." (Wilkerson)

Tolbert not hearing from Texas

As one of the most competitive players in the 2015 class, it had to hurt Fort Bend Ridge Point cornerback Jordan Tolbert to have to watch the Houston NFTC, rather than taking part.

Tolbert, recovering from surgery he had to remove a bunion, hasn't been cleared to play just yet, though he said he should be back for spring ball.

"I'm just ready for it," Tolbert said. "I'm happy to get started again. It's been awhile. I've been hurt, and having to watch everybody compete has been hard. I want to get back out there."

Tolbert received a Texas offer at Junior Day, but said he hasn't been hearing from the Longhorns of late. He said the schools that have contacted him the most include TCU, New Mexico, Washington State, Oklahoma and others.

"Nobody's really standing out to me right now," Tolbert said. "I'm still looking."

Tolbert is the type of player who could see his stock shoot up as teams make their way to Ridge Point this spring. And there should be plenty of coaches in attendance with a defense that includes Tolbert, top Texas target Cameron Townsend and Jameel Cook Jr., an athlete with multiple BCS offers so far.

"Our defense is going to be amazing," Tolbert said. "We're going to be really good this year. We're going to be loaded." (Flaherty)

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