Homeward Bound?

If there's one thing that four-star cornerback P.J. Mbanasor (Pflugerville, Texas/Hendrickson) isn't hurting for, it's for offers.

The No. 22 cornerback in the country already has them from Arkansas, Baylor, Houston, Louisville, LSU, Michigan State, Mississippi State, Missouri, Nebraska, Notre Dame, Ohio State, Oklahoma State, TCU, Texas Tech, Tulsa, UTSA, Wake Forest, Washington State, and Wisconsin.

But there would be a certain sense of personal gratification should he get one from the Longhorns, which play a stone's throw away from Mbanasor's home 15 minutes north in Interstate 35.

Like he said, "I wouldn't say I grew up a huge fan of UT. I didn't grow up a huge fan of anybody. I just liked watching football. But it [would be] convenient."

Charlie Strong doesn't hand out offers based on convenience, but talent he does, and Mbanasor has a ton of that.

At 6-foot-2 and 187 pounds, he's tall enough to body up the bigger receivers, yet agile enough to keep up with the shiftier, shorter receivers.

He proved as much at the Nike Football Training Camp on Saturday at DeSoto High School by earning one of the few invitations to The Opening.

That should give him even more exposure and, who knows, peak the interest of Texas' coaching staff, which has shown interest recently.

"I have talked to all of them," Mbanasor said of Texas' staff. "Coach [Vance] Bedford and Coach Strong love my dad. My dad has a lot of respect for Coach Strong taking the roll that he has. My dad calls him the ‘Obama of UT.'"

Mbansaor has visited twice in recent weeks, first for a practice without pads and then again for UT's first spring practice with full pads.

"The first time I went to practice I saw how the offense and defense compared to each other," he said. "It started off kind of slow but it rose when the competition started taking place. Everyone was bouncing around. There were also some guys going through the motions so I was eager to come back the next week and see if things changed for their first day in full pads."

Mbanasor, who wasn't short on words during the competition phase of the NFTC, saw the type of competitive nature he was hoping for at the second practice.

"So I went to the scrimmage and it was much better," he said. "Everybody was ready to come out and play, to get a spot. After that I went and got a tour and got a chance to sit down with Coach [Chris] Vaughn. He told me that he has to develop more of a relationship and come watch me back pedal and stuff like that."

One of the holdups on an offer could be that Texas already has one cornerback commitment from Jalen Campbell and then offers out to seven others. That includes an offer to Keivon Ramsey (Converse, Texas/Judson) handed out last week. Those offers aren't lost on Mbanasor.

"I know that they've offered other guys from Houston, Beaumont, Dallas, who I personally think I am better than," he said.

Mbanasor is taking his developments with Texas with a grain of salt, just as a player with as many offers as he has should.

"I go out there with my dad, who is a good talker, and I get letters that they send to my dad saying, ‘We want your son,'" he said. "So my dad took that to heart and said, ‘well you can have my son.' He feels like he isn't holding back and that it's Texas. But I'm not stressing. If they offer, they offer. If they don't, they don't. If they do they will fall in line with all the other offers. I am just trying to take my time researching."

Here's some film of Mbanasor:

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