Mbanasor Collects Texas Offer

2015 Pflugerville Hendrickson cornerback P.J. Mbanasor received an offer from Texas Wednesday morning.

This past weekend, P.J. Mbanasor proved he was among the top defensive backs in Texas with his performance at the Dallas NFTC. Just a few days later, on Wednesday morning, Texas confirmed that status by extending an offer to the long-armed 6-foot-2 cover corner from just down the road at Pflugerville Hendrickson.

"This whole experience is just a blessing in itself," Mbanasor said. "I'm sure a lot of people thought it was kind of strange that they offered some kind of further-located DBs than me, with me living 15 to 25 minutes away, but it wasn't ever a big deal for me.

"Being in this situation, it's a humbling experience," Mbanasor said. "I tried to have the attitude that if they offered, they offered. It wasn't something I was going to stress over."

Mbanasor, who has taken in two Texas practices this spring, said he's been impressed with the Texas coaching staff.

"In talking with Coach Strong, Coach Bedford and Coach Vaughn, they're a respectable group of men," Mbanasor said. "I watched two practices, and the first one wasn't as intensified as the second one. The first one was the first day of full pads, so I don't want to say that it was expected, but I gave them more leeway.

"I went back for the second one, and it was more ramped up," Mbanasor said. "Guys were fired up and it really seemed like they wanted to be there and start a road to winning games."

Winning games — that's what's going to make a difference in Mbanasor's decision.

"I want to be in the best situation to win games and the best situation to be successful," Mbanasor said. "I'm looking at the coaching staff, the facilities and everything. Because I'm a junior, I get to watch how these teams play and see which schools are all talk and which schools take care of business. I want to be surrounded by greatness. Teams that produce put themselves in a situation where greatness is the norm for them."

Mbanasor was quick to note that he was excited to watch all his options play out this season, not just a new Texas staff, though he said that "everybody's interested" to see how the Longhorns play.

"Getting that offer was nice, and Texas will now go in line with the rest," Mbanasor said. "I'm going to start narrowing things down. I have 9-10 more months with this, so I'm going to take my time and ensure that I find the right fit."

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