Texas Rolls Out Red Carpet for Newsome

2015 Aledo dynamo Ryan Newsome enjoyed his visit to the 40 Acres Saturday as part of the Texas Spring Game, and updated LonghornDigest.com on his recruitment.

Texas's coaching staff hasn't been shy about telling 2015 Aledo star Ryan Newsome that they believe he's the top slot receiver in the entire country.

So when Newsome agreed to come down for the Longhorns' Spring Game, it shouldn't come as any surprise that Texas rolled out the burnt-orange carpet, so to speak.

"Yeah, they definitely rolled it out," Newsome said, laughing. "I can't imagine what they would have done if I was there by myself. The thing about Texas that separates Texas and OU and UCLA: they're recruiting me as a whole staff. You've got your area recruiting coaches, but I hear from each and every coach almost every other week.

"When I get down there, they show my dad love, and they show me love," Newsome said. "I go up to the office, and we can just talk. It's really cool to have that kind of relationship."

Those relationships have certainly helped the Longhorns in Newsome's recruiting, though he said he doesn't have any favorites.

"I would say this though: as far as favorites, I don't have any, but it's no secret that I like Texas," Newsome said. "If anybody asks, I'm going to tell them 'yeah, I like Texas.'

"I'm getting down to where I'm going to have to start narrowing things down soon," Newsome said. "I can't beat around the bush about that; I can't string coaches along. When these coaches come by, any school that feels like it has a shot is going to keep bombarding me. So I have to tell coaches how it really is."

That's not going to be an easy part of the process for Newsome, who looks at his recruitment, and the subsequent opportunity to play college football as "such a blessing."

"It's my dream to play collegiate football," Newsome said. "Obviously, I want to play in the NFL too. But there's something special about college football, with the atmosphere, energy and even the announcers."

Newsome was able to catch some of that at Texas's Spring Game, though he said he'd wait until the season to make any determinations about the Longhorn offense.

"As far as the offense goes, it's a work in progress. They're getting all of the nicks out, all of the wrinkles out," Newsome said. "They're still trying to find an identity on offense and I'm giving them a chance. I'm going to see them show what they can really do."

That hasn't stopped him from watching closely to see how he would fit in, and he said that he sees his role as similar to that of another explosive Longhorn: Daje Johnson.

"Definitely, I can see why they need me," Newsome said. "Daje, he's so explosive. I didn't know he was actually that fast. He can really move. And then as a punt returner … they have Jaxon Shipley fielding punts, and they want me to be the guy doing that. Coach Strong said that they don't really want Jaxon back there, that they want somebody like me back there."

That shouldn't come as a surprise, as Newsome tied the national high school record for punt return touchdowns this past season, and he helped blow open a number of games with his special teams play … even later on, when coaches were trying to kick the ball away from him.

While Newsome said his Texas visit went well, he still has several more stops on his college tour checklist, including UCLA, Notre Dame, Florida State and Oregon. Once he visits those schools, he said he can start to "chop down" his list.

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