You won't want to miss HD only tonight

First of all, thank you for being a part of the new Horns Digest!

In many ways, we are remodeling the HD Hangout with new staff members and even the makeover of our site design, which launched Wednesday.

We want to make sure you read "HD Only" when it debuts tonight. It's our single, biggest content item each week and will run every Wednesday night.

"If you read only one thing all week at HD (and we want you to read everything!), make sure you read HD Only!"

It will have all the latest team and recruiting news and what we're hearing in an easy, one-stop shopping format. If you read only one thing all week at HD (and we want you to read everything!), make sure you read HD Only!

I posted this in another thread, but I want to make sure everyone sees it:

HD Only is a great place to see that you are subscribed here for Jason Higdon, a recruiting information machine who has covered Charlie Strong at Florida and Louisville and knows better than anyone where Texas and recruits stand with each other.

HD Only is where you'll see that you are subscribed here for the grinding reporting of Will Wilkerson, who was all over the story about five-star CB Kendall Sheffield visiting Texas this weekend as well as 2016 safety Brandon Jones.

In HD Only, you'll see that Scout's network of recruiting analysts, who will contribute each week, is the deeper and more dialed in than any other network. And my reporting and insights based on 22 years of covering Texas will be in there, too.

Hey, I told Geoff Ketchum when I left Orangebloods that my departure would not affect OB because of the incredible message board community there.

All I would ask is for you to help us build our message board community by posting here (as well as another site, if you're so subscribed). If you consider HD your "other" Texas hangout, all we ask is that you jump in.

I have no problem asking you all to make us your No. 2 Texas site if you're a member somewhere else. We'll be Avis and try harder!

As we role out a new site design this week, in many ways, we are starting over here at HD.

We have a long way to go to get HD into the buzzing message board community we want it to be.

It's a slow time period for team news (heck, it's finals week this week).

So the activity on the site isn't what it will be as we move toward August. But Higdon, Wilkerson and I are grinding on recruiting, football team news (no one will match our summer workout reports), baseball and the latest movements within the athletic department.

We are integrating Scout's national analysts into our coverage at HD. We are finding our rhythm. And we want to hear from you about what you want.

HD is your site. We are here to serve you. So please tell everyone about the $49 offer HD has right now for the first 12 months of the Charlie Strong era. We promise it will be well worth it!

Plus, when you subscribe to HD, you get every site on the Scout network - every college team, pro team and hunting and fishing site on the Scout network. (Mavs fans even get Mark Cuban's, which is now found at

Other networks don't offer you that. You pay for one site and one site only.

So thank you for being a part of HD! We hope you explore the entire Scout network and tell us what you want more of here at HD.

And if it's a more active message board community, please help us build it by posting here every day and then checking back in. This is your chance to build a community from the ground up, your way.

And make sure you check out "HD Only" tonight and every Wednesday night.

Thanks for being a part of the new HD!

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