On a scale of 1 to 10, where is Chad Hollingsworth on the Justin Tucker Aggie Slayer scale? That, and other musings from Chip Brown in Tuesday's CHIP SHOTS

Texas TO HOST: Houston Cougars' fans had argued their team has a better record (47-16) than Texas (40-19), a better ranking (No. 15) than Texas (No. 21), a better RPI (No. 2) than Texas (No. 6) and won their conference tournament (American Athletic Conference).

Thus, they argued, Houston should host the Super Regional against Texas (although the Longhorns have a better schedule strength ranking - No. 3 - than Houston - No. 13).

But as Augie Garrido said after his Horns took down Texas A&M 4-1 on Monday night, "If it comes down to money, we'll host."

And guess what kids?

Texas is hosting ... starting Friday at 3 pm CT on ESPN2 .. Saturday at 1 pm CT (ESPN) and - if necessary - Sunday at 1 pm CT.

AUSTIN SUPER @UHCougarBB at @Texas_Baseball 6/6 - 4PM (ESPN2) 6/7 - 2PM (ESPN) 6/8 - 2PM (ESPN) #RoadToOmaha

— NCAA Baseball (@NCAACWS) June 3, 2014

Texas will host Houston for the Super Regionals. Games are Friday at 4, Saturday at 2, Sunday at 2. #HookEm

— Texas Baseball (@Texas_Baseball) June 3, 2014

So how good are you feeling today after that cleansing of the Ags? Come on, let it out ...


WHAT A WEEKEND IN AUSTIN: Now, you've got the Horns and Cougs Super Regional action as well as the X Games.

Here is the X Games schedule, which includes an incredible lineup of music - Gary Clark Jr., Bad Religion, Kanye West and Flaming Lips to name a few.

Austin is the greatest city in America.


FIRST WORLD PROBLEMS: The FBI and Securities Exchange Commission are examining whether Phil Mickelson and Las Vegas sports gambler William "Billy" Walters, an occasional golf partner of Mickelson's, traded on privileged, potentially market-moving information provided by Wall Street activist and billionaire Carl Icahn on at least one occasion.

We know Mickelson loves to gamble - whether it's bets on the Super Bowl or hitting driver into a catering tent with a 1-stroke lead on the 72nd hole of the 2006 U.S. Open (despite his driver repeatedly failing him in the final round, including hitting into a trash can on No. 17).

So did Mickelson probably get some Martha Stewart type of trading advice and act on it?

Probably. But Mickelson denies any wrongdoing.

Whether or not Mickelson spends any time behind bars in a private prison (Martha Stewart's had cell decorating contests), he hasn't lost as much as Icahn.

Give me your thoughts.


GIVE ME YOUR BIZARRE WEDDING STORIES: This story about a woman deciding to put her 1-month-old baby on the train of her dress and dragging it down the aisle got us thinking today on 104.9 The Horn about bizarre wedding stories.

Don't be shy. I know you all have some.

One person texted in that a groom had a paint ball bachelor party and had a fat lip and bruises on his face for the wedding (and photos).

Another texted that the groom was a magician and literally made the bride appear at the altar. (No word yet if this David Copperfield move works later in making the bride disappear if things go to hell.)

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