Longhorn Legacy Hopes for Texas Interest

Wichita Falls (Texas) Rider 2016 receiver T.J. Vasher is hearing from college programs for both football and basketball, but still isn't quite sure as to what sport he'll pursue in college. The 6-foot-5, 180-pound prospect, who is the nephew of former Longhorn Nathan Vasher, says he hopes to hear more from Texas...

It may have been his first season playing varsity football, but Wichita Falls (Texas) Rider 2016 receiver T.J. Vasher had an impressive sophomore season.

In 11 games, the 6-foot-5, 180-pound athlete had almost 500 receiving yards and eight touchdowns.

"I think my sophomore season went pretty well. I think I could have gotten a few more touches, but for my first year on Varsity, I think I did pretty well," he said.

"I'd love to hear more from Texas. My uncle, Nathan Vasher, played at Texas, so I'm a natural fan."

After the season, there was no downtime for Vasher, who immediately began basketball workouts. He's continued with the dual-sport workload since.

"In spring football, we have been doing a lot of weight lifting, a lot of speed training just trying to get ready for next season. I definitely plan on getting a lot stronger and faster going into next season.

"I'm also playing summer basketball right now, so I do a lot of traveling for that," he said.

As he approaches his junior year, Vasher has started to receive recruiting interest from colleges for both sports.

"For football, I've been hearing from Oklahoma and Oklahoma State. They have both shown a lot of interest. I think they could both potentially offer. I've also been hearing from Oregon.

"For basketball, Kansas State has shown me some interest; a bunch of schools have been sending me a little stuff," he said.

The athlete plans to attend football camps at Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, and TCU this summer. He's also optimistic that more interest - as well as an offer - could soon arrive.

"I'd love to hear more from Texas. My uncle, Nathan Vasher, played at Texas, so I'm a natural fan. But coming out of Wichita Falls, which is a very small town that not a lot of people get out of, I'd be happy to hear from anybody," he said.

Aside from his height, Vasher says he also possesses other qualities that would make him a successful receiver at the next level.

"I want coaches to know that I can bring that playmaking ability. When you need to make a big play, I feel like I can be that person that you can call on," he said.

As for which sport he'll continue with, Vasher says he's in no rush to decide.

"I really don't know at this point. I'm just going with it since I'm talented at both. I still have two more years to decide, so I'm just going to keep playing both," he said.

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