Legge's Thoughts: Mark Richt Camp 7v7

ATHENS – Dean Legge's thoughts on today's Mark Richt Camp at Georgia.

Not a ton of skill guys today.

Some big guys, but let me start with the obvious – Tucker DL Jonathan Ledbetter isn't in the same category as anyone else at this camp. Ledbetter split his time today playing tight end and defensive end.

He's got a violent punch. Ledbetter is much bigger than everyone else at the camp with the exception of a player or two. You could tell that he has a very good peraonl relationship with the coaches at Georgia. I saw no less than five coaches talk with him… that's just when I was looking.

Back to his play – he wasn't challenged today. Its really not the correct way to evaluate him (although I should point out quite quickly here that I am not a scout) – it would have been nice to see Ledbetter go up against quality offensive linemen. That didn't happen today.

But back to the hands – obviously that's a big thing for a defensive lineman, and he throws his hands very well. I know he wasn't out there with a ton of top prospects, but his punch and slap looked seemed like he was already in college. Again, a powerful slap and throw.

He was only slowed once in one-on-one drills, and made a counter move that got him to the bag. I didn't see him lose a drill. He's a very good player who I would like to see in a real-deal setting against a legit offensive lineman. I think he would do well.

It appears to me that Alabama is in trouble in his recruitment. He seems to feel very at home in Athens and with defensive line coach Tracy Rocker. He spent about seven minutes talking with Rocker before Kevin Sherrer, Brian McClendon, Mike Bobo, Jeremy Pruitt, Will Friend and Mark Richt talked with him.

He's the number one target of this camp today, and that was obvious.

The offensive line, in terms of prospects, was pretty well non-exstant. Will Friend got so frustrated with the group he was coaching getting beat to the inside (and therefore right at the QB blowing up the play) that he sent anyone who was beat down the field.

"Touch the G and come back," Friend would bark. I bet 15 offensive linemen touched the G.

Richt, for his part, had walked up just in the middle of a player being sent to touch the G (which was about a 75-yard jog down and back laced with the embarrassment of Friend screaming – "get me another guard in here") that he asked why… about two offensive defeats later he understood what was going on.

It was a day where you wondered how offenses ever score.

Last month Georgia offered 2016 Riverdale DE/OLB Chidi Okonya, and you could see why today. Okonya is lean, but uses leverage well. His style, obviously, is different than Ledbetter's. Okonya appears to weigh a little north of 225, but could add some serious weight over the next two years. Considering that he's not played as a junior… it was smart for Georgia to get on him early.

But Georgia isn't relying on the early offer alone. They are also connecting to Okonya in a personal way by linking him up with Lukman Abdulai, who graduated from Illinois and is in graduate school at Georgia and works for the football office. He was named "Recruiter of the Week" (whatever that means) two days ago.

The point is that Okonya and Abdulai both have roots in Africa, and Georgia is intelligently sticking the high school prospect with a 4.0 (or higher) GPA with the guy in grad school with a similar background.

Smart move.

The final prospect Mark Richt talked with on Thursday was 2016 Lanier DL Derrick Brown. Brown is big and long. Like every big high schooler in America Brown stands up way too much.

If he would take advantage of his leverage he would be tough to deal with all of the time. He played outside and inside during drills. He may have lost once… I'm not even sure about that. But, again, the offensive line was brutal.

Brown is considered a four-star prospect by Scout.com and is considered the #160 player in the country for his class. So he's legit, which you could figure out with his 20+ offers. But he's a little raw and a little loose right now – which is expected for a rising junior.

He got a fair amount of attention from Mark Richt as the one-on-ones concluded. Brian McClendon was there to talk with Brown as well. This is at least Brown's second trip to Georgia since April, so there has to be some interest there. How much is hard for me to report at this moment.

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