Recruit Q&A: Kris Boyd

Four-star cornerback Kris Boyd (Gilmer, Texas) is a busy guy.

This past weekend he traveled to Beaverton, Oregon for the nationally acclaimed recruiting event, The Opening. Up next, Boyd will travel to Austin for Texas’ new “Under the Lights” camp on July 18.

Boyd along with the 53 other invited recruits, including his brother Demarco Boyd (a 2016 RB/LB) will participate in this final UT recruiting event before fall camp begins.

We caught up with Boyd (6-foot-1, 180 pounds) to get a look ahead to his visit to Austin this week and where things stand with UT.

What's your level of interest in the Longhorns?

“It's probably the same as everybody else's a little medium. I have interest in every school that offered or I wouldn't have talked to them.”

Most sources say you are leaning towards Texas A&M. Is this true?

“I'm just weighing things out and sitting back thinking about it. Now my interest is the same level with them and everybody else.”

Your interest level in Texas A&M is the same as other schools. Do you mean your interest in A&M is now medium?


What are your expectations for Friday's visit to Texas?

“I've been there plenty of times. I don't expect anything. Just to talk to the coaches more and that's it.”

Your brother Demarco Boyd also received an invite to the event. What does it mean to you that Texas is also recruiting your brother?

“It's good to know that schools are also looking at him. It's a good thing. Then again you have to think about it to see if they are really recruiting him as a player or just to recruit him so I just go to the school.”

What impact will that have on your decision?

“I don't really know.”

What are your thoughts on Defensive back coach Chris Vaughn?

Coach is real cool. Coach Vaughn is a real cool dude. I like the way he coaches and I see what he's trying to do and it's pretty interesting.

Where does Texas rank on your list heading into Friday's visit? Rank or list?

“It's not really a rank or list.”

What's your time table for making a decision?

“I was going to make my decision at The Opening but I held back on it because I really wasn't for sure. I was still thinking and debating on my decision up there [at The Opening]. So, I don't really know when my decision will be.”

What factors are important to you when it comes to making your decision?

“It has to be somewhere where I enjoy myself because no one wants to be somewhere they don't like. I have to have a good relationship with the coaches and feel good with the team.”

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