Top 22 Countdown: No. 15

We continue our countdown of the top 22 most important players to Texas’ success in 2014. We’ll run these every Tuesday and Thursday.

Here is a look at our previous selections:

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Chip’s Pick

OT Desmond Harrison


6-8, 318

When I first made my list of the 22 most important players on the Texas roster for the 2014 season, Harrison was higher on my list.

At 6-8 and 320 pounds with light feet, long arms and power in his punch, it seemed overdue for Harrison to make good on all the whispers we've heard about the super talent of this JUCO transfer.

But the more I hear, the more I wonder if the Harrison touted by Mack Brown's staff is a unicorn and if No. 15 is too high on this list.

The continued knock on him is that retention in the mental aspect of the game just isn't where it should be. There are too many lapses. The attitude isn't a grinding work ethic.

If anyone can get whatever talent is in a kid to come out, it's Joe Wickline. And having an extra two hours per week to work with Harrison as part of the new "summer accountability" rules approved by the NCAA should help.

But Harrison was probably seen by fans as the answer - and maybe even upgrade - to Donald Hawkins at left tackle.

Now, he may not be the answer at right tackle. And if he's not the answer at right tackle, the whole fight with BYU to get Harrison into school will have gone for naught.

Here's hoping Wickline can find a trigger inside this physical specimen by the end of August.

William’s Pick

LB Steve Edmond


6-3, 253

Back healthy from a lacerated liver suffered against Texas Tech late in 2013, Edmond looks to finish out his career at UT in style with the NFL Draft looming large.

A lot is expected of this group of linebackers, especially because of how much attention the defensive line should garner, and Edmond should reap the benefits. He’s been a tackling machine since arriving, currently sitting third among active players with 192 career tackles.

He’s grown into one of the leaders on defense thanks in part to the absence via injury of Jordan Hicks. Players look up to him now and that has to continue even with Hicks back in the fold this fall.

There are plenty of linebackers waiting for their chance to shine that should keep Edmond hungry. If that doesn’t the idea of getting drafted definitely should.

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