Recruit Q&A: Shane Buechele

Arlington Lamar quarterback Shane Buechele (6-foot-2, 185) is emerging as one of the top quarterbacks in the class of 2016.

As a sophomore last season, he threw for almost 1,400 yards and 14 touchdowns while rushing for 352 yards and two scores.

We caught up with him at the Under the Lights camp to see where things stand with UT.

What were your thoughts on tonight?

"It went really well. A lot of competition and got to love it."

There were some big name quarterbacks here. Does that motivate you to go up against some of those other guys?

"Yes, competition you got to love it. So I think it makes me a better player going against good competition."

What things were you guys working on out there?

"Just everything in the quarter back (position). Foot work, arm strength, balance, and basically everything."

Being a dual threat guy, do you think you're at a disadvantage being at a camp like this where you can't show off your legs?

"No. I think, the dual threat is the second options run so I think the first option is to pass. Therefore, I think I'm a passer first. So I think (the style of this camp) shows what you can do."

Is this your first time getting to really meet with the Texas coaches and see the facilities?

"I went to a camp earlier, about a month and a half ago. I kind of did the same thing and then this one, Under the Lights. I really liked it a lot it was my second camp to go to."

Were you able to talk to the coaches more?

"I did. Just working with them and them telling me what to do and trying to get me better."

What kind of things did you guys talk about?

"A little bit of recruiting and most of the time just how to make me better (like) foot work, arm strength, and just how to make me a better football player."

Has UT made an offer?

"No. We are going to keep talking to each other and staying in touch and hopefully it will come soon."

What's the timetable for your decision?

"I'm going to play this season and hopefully after winter break I'll try to make a decision."

Are there any schools standing out right now?

I don't have any top favorites. Just trying to stay with some schools and trying to talk to some other schools, just trying to do everything."

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