On the Record with Overstreet

Former Longhorns running back Jalen Overstreet tells HornsDigest that he has received his full scholarship release from Texas.

Overstreet is one of four players HD has reported have been dismissed from the program. The others are Joe Bergeron, Chevoski Collins, and Josh Turner.

He said he has not made any other plans as of now.

"I have not made any decisions," he continued.

HD reported last week that a random drug test was recently administered to a group of players on the team.

It’s unclear how much of the discipline handed out by Strong in the last week - the four dismissals and possible suspensions of Daje Johnson, Desmond Harrison and Kennedy Estelle - are tied to that drug test.

Overstreet wouldn't say if it was a failed drug test that got him dismissed but did want to clarify one thing.

"All I can say is I'm not in ANY legal trouble or facing any pending charges," he said. "I want that to be clear."

Overstreet left the door open when asked if there were any schools he'd like to play for, and if he had the desire to stay at running back or have the opportunity to play quarterback, which was what he was initially recruited as by Texas.

"Don't really know," he said. "I just want the opportunity to play football again."

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