The Longhorns held a scrimmage during practice on Saturday. Here are some news and notes for you.

Freshman S Jason Hall continued to take reps with the first-team defense in Saturday's scrimmage and is making more and more plays.

I was told Hall moving ahead of both Adrian Colbert and Josh Turner at safety isn't likely to change going forward.

Hall, whose nickname from the upperclassmen is "Big Horse," told me Thursday he's 6-3 and 207 and was last clocked in the 40 at South Grand Prairie in 4.36.

With those numbers, Hall needs to be on the field immediately.

And Hall is a very bright kid who wants to be the CEO of a company one day and thinks Charlie Strong's core values form a strong backbone for the UT football program. Hall said if you can't respect those values, you don't deserve to be part of a team organization.


Freshman CB Jermaine Roberts, whose nickname is "Little Bit," is making an impression on the defense and the offense.

"Jermaine reminds me of me with how much trash he talks," Quandre Diggs said. "I like that."


I'm told freshman Edwin Freeman, dubbed "The Big Cheeseburger" by Diggs, is headed from S to LB.


Desmond Harrison played RT in a scrimmage Saturday involving different game situations.

"He's starting to settle in there on the right side," said DE Ced Reed. "I think that's where he's going to be. He has a really good drop step and those long arms. He makes it hard to get around him."

We've heard Kennedy Estelle is a better fit at LT because he works better with LG Sed Flowers. Harrison is working better with RG Kent Perkins.

"I think that line is going to good," RB Malcolm Brown said.


RB Malcolm Brown said he reached a high of 230 pounds and was told by the current coaching staff to get his weight down.

Brown is at 218 pounds now and is still trying to get closer to 210 to increase his speed.

"I'm eating a lot of salads, a lot of green stuff, a lot of stuff I don't like," Brown said when asked how he's dropping the pounds.


DE Ced Reed said the confidence of the defense is soaring right now.

"We've got our swagger back. We're ready to play," Reed said. "I've been here four years, and I can tell a difference in this team. We're going to put on a show for y'all."

Reed was asked if the BYU game last year was the low point of the defense during his time, and he said without a doubt it was.

"We got BYU marked on our calendars," Reed said. "Coach Strong told us, 'You can't ever let that happen.' He said, 'Texas needs to be known as the best defense in the country - not that (BYU game)."

When asked if the coaching staff was building the team back up after 7 months of being broken down, Reed said, "We're building ourselves back up. All the small things he's done - taking the Horns away, all the punishments - it's finally working.

"The small things he (Strong) does translates into big things as far as this team coming together. That's happening. You see it on the field now - everywhere you look."

Reed was asked if Texas truly was soft as a program looking back?

"I wouldn't say we were soft," he said "I would say guys weren't sure what they were doing. Now, I think we'll come out and surprise people."


Charlie Strong took the ALS ice bucket challenge after practice on Saturday, allowing his daughter and CB Quandre Diggs to dump the ice bucket on him.

"Coach made it fun and funny," Diggs said. "And that's where the whole team is right now. The coaches are telling us to cut it loose and have fun playing. And that's what we're doing - having a lot of fun competing."

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