What Really Happened with UT's suspended OTs

Here's the absolute latest with what's going on with Desmond Harrison and Kennedy Estelle, who have both been suspended for the BYU game by Texas head coach Charlie Strong.

Charlie Strong gathered his seniors after practice on Wednesday and told them senior OT Desmond Harrison and junior OT Kennedy Estelle were off the team. Done. Dismissed.

"I'm sick of this (expletive)," Strong told them.

That was before Strong learned that his appeal to the university - seeking a 6-game suspension for both Harrison and Estelle was approved while they both went through rehab.

By the end of the day Wednesday, Strong had his wish. Yes, he was sick of this (expletive).

But before the university discarded Harrison and Estelle back to the streets with a dismissal, Strong made the plea to allow them to maintain their scholarships at UT while they went to school and also went through rehab. And he got his wish Wednesday late afternoon.

"Charlie expended some of his political capital on this," one source close to the situation said. "The school was ready to dismiss these two (Harrison and Kennedy) for repeated violations of school policies.

"But Charlie fought for these kids. So they will have nothing to do with football for the next six weeks. They will continue to go to school and try to get their lives in order," the source said.

It's possible Harrison and Estelle could come out of the six-week period and possibly regain their standing on the football team in time for a road trip to Kansas State on Oct. 25. But that's only if both players have cleaned up their lives, sources said.

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