Digest'Em: Recruits' Reaction To BYU Game

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Moore talks second UT visit this season

Cuffee not fazed by BYU game

Linebacker reacts to Texas' loss

Moore talks second UT visit this season

2015 three-star offensive lineman Tyler Moore from Galena Park (TX) made his second consecutive trip to Austin Saturday, and he noticed a stark difference this trip.

Moore said he enjoyed his trip and was accompanied, once again, by his teammate and Texas commit, three-star running back Tristian Houston.

The duo got to spend time in the players’ lounge before the game. But they didn’t get to talk to the coaching staff. Despite not getting an opportunity to talk to the coaches, Moore said his visit was a positive one.

But Moore did notice a difference in the team’s demeanor and a change of atmosphere at DKR.

“The demeanor of the team after the game [was different],” Moore said. “I did [notice a difference in atmosphere] toward the second half. But it was to be expected.”

Despite BYU winning with ease and the differences in the atmosphere, Moore’s game-day experience Saturday didn’t change his opinion about Texas.

“No. It was just a different experience,” Moore said. “I feel like it was a wakeup call and brought the team back to earth and proves that there is plenty of work to do.”

Texas remains in Moore’s top five, and he likes the Longhorns.

Cuffee not fazed by BYU game

2016 cornerback prospect Eric Cuffee managed to make it to Austin Saturday night. What he saw on the field wasn’t what he expected.

“Texas came into [the game] big headed,” Cuffee said. “But they’ll get them next year."

Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on how you view it, Texas won’t play BYU next season.

Despite the poor showing on the field, Cuffee was impressed by the atmosphere at DKR.

“It was great,” Cuffee said. “The atmosphere was the most exciting thing about the trip!”

While Cuffee enjoyed the game, he arrived late and was unable to talk with the coaching staff during his trip.

But he did say they would be visiting him soon to watch one of his games.

Up next for Cuffee will be a visit to another Big 12 school.

"I play Lake Ridge next, and my next visit will be to TCU next Saturday."

Linebacker reacts to Texas' loss

2016 linebacker La’Darius Hamilton from Corrigan (TX) was unable to make the trip to Austin as expected. But that didn’t stop him from watching last night’s beatdown at the hands of BYU.

“Honestly, I expected them to do better than what they did,” Hamilton said. “They came out strong, but it was the simple things like all of those turnovers and the missed tackles that defeated them.”

While the result wasn’t what Hamilton expected, that won’t hurt Texas' chances with the 2016 linebacker.

“Oh, I’m going to always love Texas,” he said. “And, yes, I think they made a lot of mistakes. But now they know what they need to work on in practice, so they can get better."

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