Charlie Strong knows hands are full with BU

Texas head coach Charlie Strong and several players talked about Saturday's game against BU. Here are 15 thoughts/notes from the media availability.

1. No update on Daje Johnson and Desmond Harrison. Strong said he'd meet with both players later this week. But he did say, at this time, that he didn't know if they'd play this week. If there was ever a week for both of them to come back and make an immediate impact it would be this Saturday. Texas will need all the help it can get.

2. With the way Strong answered a question about how in-state recruiting was going right now, I got the sense that he really needs to put a good product on the field over these next few weeks to stay at the forefront of a lot of these big recruits' minds. Win or lose. “In order to change this program, we have to get some top players in here," he said. These next few weeks will go a long way toward doing that... or not.

3. Strong sang the praises of BU throughout his 20 minutes or so of talking. "It's almost like watching a video game," Strong said of Baylor's offense. When Strong found out that Baylor was a 13.5+ favorite, he laughed and said that they deserved every bit of it. Strong said that Baylor gets the big chunks in yards because they win the outside lanes. They haven't given up a sack all year because they get rid of the ball really quickly. "It's similar to that OU team (that Florida beat in 2008). They are on the ball so quickly. They score so quick. When you try to match score for score you can't match them score for score."

4. Strong said that Bryce Petty reminds him of former Florida QB Danny Wuerffel. Nice comparison. Former Heisman winner at Florida. Petty's numbers BTW: 66-of-101-1 INT, 913 yards and 7 touchdowns.

5. We've heard that the Texas-OU game kickoff at 11 a.m. Good luck with those hangovers!

6. The last thing Texas can do is get into a track meet with Baylor. Strong admitted as much on Monday by saying, "We know that as a staff, we can't generate the points to get into a track meet with Baylor." Strong said that Texas left 17 points on the field against KU. Will need every single one of those, and then some, on Saturday.

7. Strong really liked the way that Caleb Bluiett played from the "Box" position (hybrid OLB/DE in 3-4). "Bluiett's an unbelievable athlete. He's one of those guys who can rush the QB and he can drop back into coverage when needed." Bluiett is the exact kind of athlete they need at that position because of his ability to drop back into coverage when RBs run wheel routes.

8. John Harris wasn't about to go Steve Edmond with the media today when he was asked for his thoughts on Baylor. But he didn't exactly sing their praises. "They're still Baylor. Just because they started playing better, that's good for them. We're still Texas," he said. There is definitely no shortage of spite between the two teams. It should be a very physical game on Saturday. Tyrone Swoopes said they've thought about this game, "In the spring, winter, summer conditioning and fall camp." And then Cedric Reed chimed in with the following: "It still haunts us that we were 30 minutes away from a Big 12 championship last year."

9. Charlie Strong said after the Kansas game that Armanti Foreman makes plays like the long gain on that double reverse in practice all the time so there shouldn't be any reason why he couldn't make them in actual games. Well, John Harris agrees. "Speed," Harris said when Chip asked him what one word comes to mind when thinking about Foreman. "He can blow and go. He can make plays. He wants the ball in his hands. He loves getting the ball."

10. Harris and Swoopes both said that they haven't seen any frustration from Johnathan Gray and Malcolm Brown since they haven't been able to run the ball like they/you/me expected them to this season. Harris said the holes are actually starting to come with this offensive line. "It's going to get there for them," Harris said.

11. Harris said that he and Jaxon Shipley have told Swoopes to keep his eyes downfield when he escapes the pocket and that they will do their best to get open down field. "You don't always have to use your feet," Harris said of what he told Swoopes. Shipley did a great job of this on a 48-yard completion by Swoopes against KU.

12. Swoopes continued to stress the little things on Monday as being the difference in this offense really taking off. One of those was ball security, which I guess doesn't necessarily count as a "little thing." But he was part of a blunder in the red zone that probably cost Texas a touchdown early against KU. He said what he thought happened was that Jake Raulerson heard the defense barking out signals and snapped the ball because he thought Swoopes was the one making them.

13. Jordan Hicks said he watched last week's game against Baylor from his apartment while dealing with his injury. Said it was extremely tough to watch. Hicks was named Big 12 Defensive Player of the Week for his 11-tackle performance against the Jayhawks.That was his first Big 12 DPW award.

14. It seemed like every player, to a man, was understanding of the challenge it faced this week and was realistic with what to expect. "Big plays will happen," Reed said. "It's just how you react afterward." Reed said that the DBs are really going to have to help the front 7 out this week since Petty gets rid of the ball so quickly.

15. We saw several freshmen make their debuts against KU but don't expect to see very many other redshirts being burned from this point forward unless it's due to someone ahead of them getting injured.


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