Introducing Chris Owens

Chris Owens checks in at 6-foot-4, 275-pounds from Arlington (TX) Lamar High School. Owens is a two-way standout that is starting to get noticed from some big time programs around the state.

Chris Owens is receiving interest from Boston College, Northwestern, Illinois, Kansas State, Purdue and Iowa.

"In high school I have played offensive tackle, defensive tackle and defensive end," Owens said. "In middle school I played everything but corner and safety. Right now our record is 2-2, and we play Bowie up next. I feel like right now I am very good out in open space and on outside zones, and good at pass protection. I feel like I need to work on my first steps on run blocking as well as my steps when I am pulling on counter plays."

Owens does have one trip lined up this weekend and another he is working on for the future.

"I plan to Visit Purdue soon and TCU this weekend," Owens said.

College football has remained in the national news this year with numerous suspensions and dismissals all across the country.

"Something that has surprised me about college football is the amount of crazy decisions big time players are making. Not only costing themselves, but also making their team suffer," Owens said.

Head coach Charlie Strong has attracted the national spotlight with the way he has handled his football program.

"It is a very good program, and will always be a top football school regardless of record or rank," Owens said. "Especially with Coach Strong, he has added to the already prestigious image. When I hear his name, I hear discipline. One thing that sticks out to me is when he took the decals from his players and told them that they had to earn them. That is something I believe more coaches should do because those decals mean something, so why give them to players who aren't all in. One of my coaches always says "either you're all in or all out. Don't just put your foot in the water and test it out, dive in head first and take on the challenge that arises." I feel like Coach Strong did that to see which players were all in to see who would accept that challenge and earn them back, and I like that. I know his mentality is rubbing off on everyone in the program."

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