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Catching up with Josh White

Talking with Jalen Hurts

McCulloch discusses offer and other visits

Catching up with Josh White

Last time I talked with 2016 quarterback Josh White (Marietta, Georgia) he said he was playing well but that his team (Marietta Walton Raiders) was fighting through adversity.

That adversity has intensified as White said that some of the Raiders’ wins were taken away because of an ineligible player which dropped their record to 2-5. But through Walton’s struggles, White has had an opportunity to step into a leadership role.

“I really had to step up as a vocal leader and pull everything back together,” White said. “[I had to create] motivation for us.”

Additionally, White said that being a leader is natural for him as he just wants to lead his brothers through a tough time. White has helped the Raiders on the field by throwing for over 1000 yards and 15 touchdowns this season.

White’s play has also helped him gain attention from schools. But Texas isn’t one that White has heard from recently. White said that he heard from the Longhorn coaching staff during the summer but hasn’t been contacted by them during this season.

However, White has received attention from Alabama, Auburn, Nebraska, North Carolina and Mississippi State. White said that those teams have all been sending him the same message.

“Everyone just wants me to visit [and] they love me,” White said.

Despite not hearing from the Longhorns, White is planning a trip to Austin but has to arrange it with the coaches first. But, in the meantime, he will be taking a trip to Tuscaloosa, Alabama to watch Alabama take on Texas A&M on Saturday.

Talking with Jalen Hurts

2016 four-star quarterback Jalen Hurts (Channelview, Texas) put up some big numbers earlier this season. When I first contacted him, Hurts put up 373 passing yards and 4 passing touchdowns alongside 186 yards rushing and five rushing touchdowns against Port Arthur.

But his production has slowed down over the past few weeks.

“I’m playing ok, didn’t have a great passing percentage against North Shore,” Hurts said. “I threw for 217 yards and two touchdowns. [I also] ran for 145 yards and one touchdown.

Although his numbers haven’t been as high, Hurts is focusing on the game and trying to do whatever it takes to win.

While Hurts is having success on the field, he’s also had success in attracting schools. Hurts said that Texas has been one of those schools talking to him.

“My dad talked with Coach Vaughn last night,” Hurts said. “They’re [also] supposed to call him tomorrow.”

Hurts couldn’t add more as he isn’t sure what Vaughn and his father talked about.

Alongside Texas, Hurts is hearing from new suitors such as Iowa, Northwestern, Oklahoma and Oregon. He added that most of the schools are telling him similar things.

“They’re trying to get me down to see and meet and get to know me,” Hurts said. “Louisville’s coach said he should just go ahead and offer and meet me later. Most are talking about offering. I just have to wait and see.”

Hurts didn’t say if he’d make a trip to Austin this season but he said that he’ll be going to visit LSU and Texas A&M. He also said that he’s trying to make trips to Mississippi State, Ohio State and Penn State.

McCulloch discusses offer and other visits

While visiting the Longhorns on Oct. 4 for the Baylor game, Texas offered 2016 linebacker Jeffrey McCulloch (Houston). At the time, McCulloch was thrilled about the offer as he sees Texas as one of his dream schools.

McCulloch’s feelings remain the same nearly two weeks after the offer.

“Yes, [I’m still] very excited,” McCulloch said. “I love Texas.”

McCulloch said that he noticed the defense’s play against Baylor and that the offense had potential to be great. But he didn’t have a say about the Texas’ performance against the Sooners because he was at Texas A&M’s game against Ole Miss.

While he has received attention from Texas and Texas A&M, McCulloch said that all the schools interested in him have contacted him recently. The list of interested schools is extensive and includes: Arkansas, Baylor, Louisville, Mississippi State, Missouri, Ole Miss, Oklahoma, Oregon, Texas Tech, TCU and Stanford.

McCulloch added that he will likely take trips to Baylor, Oklahoma and Mississippi State this season.

Outside of college recruiting, McCulloch said that his season has gotten better as Channelview is now 4-4 and he is playing well.

“[I’ve been playing] great,” he said. “I don’t [my] exact stats.”


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