Giovanni Pancotti Talking Texas and More

Head coach Charlie Strong and offensive line coach Joe Wickline are always on the lookout for the next great offensive linemen. Have they found one in Bellaire (TX) Episcopal High School?

Giovanni Pancotti checks in at 6-foot-6, 290-pounds. He and his family have enjoyed the recruiting process. Pancotti has one offer to date from Houston.

"When I found out that Houston offered me I first just had a great sense of pressure released from me," Pancotti said. "My family and I have been wondering when a college would make a move and offer me after so much interest was shown. Besides an unofficial visit and talking to the lineman coach I really didn't know much about UH. I know that the lineman coach came to the game to watch me play, and that must have been a deciding factor. During the phone call with Coach Spavital, he told me that the coach liked what he saw in the game and that they saw me as a potentially great player in their program. This whole conversation with the recruiting coordinator had me excited and felt great. This is also a very big college for me in the fact that two of coaches that i look up to are alumni of UH football. It made me proud to tell them that their former college which they played for had offered me."

Pancotti is just starting to get noticed among college programs and understands that with that attention comes added pressure.

"I have been enjoying all of the attention that colleges have been giving me," Pancotti said. "It lets me know that I'm on the radar and can have the opportunity to play for a big time D1 school. The same goes with my family. At this point in the process (unofficial visits, college mail in my mailbox every other day, recruiters and colleges talking about me) it's been very exciting. I know to expect some pressure as the process continues for me to make a decision, but at this time I love all the exposure that the recruiting process has to offer."

Pancotti has visited Austin and likes what he saw.

"I visited the Texas camp with my cousins (who attended) and with my mother and Aunt who dropped us off and was with me after the visit," Pancotti said. "My family was for the most part raised to be pretty big Texas fans. My Cousins are a huge role in my life and give me a lot of advise whenever we are around. I wanted them to experience a visit to UT with me so I could really see how they thought about the program and the school in general. They were excited from the car ride up and seemed to stay energetic and excited throughout the entire trip. Their energy transferred onto me and had me seeing myself going to UT and having them attend my games. During the dinner, i went up to Coach Wickline and said hello. He responded in that he knew that I was coming up to the game and was excited that I came. I introduced him to my cousins and then we started to build a conversation of him asking how the ride was and how everything was. Sadly our conversation was interrupted by his daughter and he had to attend a matter. During the summer, my friend sent me a picture of a rivals post that said Coach Wickline liked me from the camp. It showed because he would call me and my teammate out and talk to us. Overall I say the visit was a huge success and a great win for UT. I'm excited to see how my future is and where they will be in my life."

Pancotti has nice upside and will more than likely end up at offensive tackle.

"My best strength is probably run blocking," Pancotti said. "I love to physically dominate my opponent and run him either way down the field or put him to the dirt with a pancake. Currently, I have 53 pancakes of the season (current leader by a long run at my high school). I also think I am an excellent pulling guard and tackle. I know how to open my hips and direct them towards my target down the line and to smash a DT/DE trap. I am alright at second level blocking of backers. Need to get a bit better at taking angle blocks towards backers that are flowing to a sideline play (especially the small/ quicker ones). If it is an inside play i usually am able to pick up a backer. I don't have a problem with hooking off a defender from getting to the edge; I am quick enough to beat a man off the ball to hook. I am alright with pass blocking. One thing I am really looking to improve is reading defensive schemes and slants to pick up blitzes. As a guard my objective is to protect inside pressure, I sometimes get locked up on a DE rushing outside and leave a gap for a DT or LB to rush through the middle. For the most part though, whenever I have a 1V1 with no blitz versus a D lineman I am able to keep him away from the QB with ease. I also hope to improve my fundamentals to make me an overall better Lineman. I work on kickbacks and shoulder level with my lineman coach almost every day."

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