JUCO QB Jake Hubenak Putting Up Absurb Stats

Blinn Junior College quarterback Jake Hubenak’s stat line for this season reads like it would had you created a quarterback on a video game and gave him the best set of passing tools possible.

Through seven games the Oklahoma State transfer has completed 195-of-297 passes (65.7 percent) for 3,534 yards, 42 touchdowns and nine interceptions.

His average of 504.9 passing yards per game leads the National Junior College Athletic Association by 153.3 ypg. Those 42 touchdowns are eight more than second place.

Surely he has his pick of the litter as to where he wants to transfer next spring, right?

Well not exactly.

In fact, Hubenak, 6-foot-3, 195-pound redshirt freshman, doesn’t have a single offer.

He actually has never had a Division I FBS offer – ever – dating back to his high school days at Georgetown (Texas) where he was named the Class 4A Player of the Year his senior season after throwing for 4,108 yards and 48 touchdowns.

He was 19-1 as a starter in high school with his only defeat coming in the state title game where he threw for 318 yards and three touchdowns.

But no Division I offers? Ever? What gives?

As a junior at Georgetown he tore his ACL, which cost him most of the season and really hurt his chances of getting any legitimate FBS offers.

His explanation as for the here and now takes a bit longer to explain but is simple at its core: It doesn’t look like he has his academics in check, but he does.

Since Hubenak transferred from OSU, where he was a walk-on, to Blinn he knew if he wanted to transfer back to a Division I school he had to graduate with an Associates degree from Blinn, which, as he stated, requires 63 hours.

He took 31 hours at OSU but only 24 of those transferred to Blinn. So he took six hours during the summer (30) and has already finished nine more (39) between classes at Blinn and online at Austin Community College.

He’s taking the necessary steps to finish the final 24 hours required in order to graduate in December and transfer to a Division I FBS school next spring.

“A lot of coaches have called and know that I have to graduate, and they see that I only have like 24 hours,” Hubenak said. “So they are like ‘Well how is this kid going to graduate by December.’ My coach has been telling them that I’ve got this all laid out. I have my whole degree plan laid out. I’ve already passed my classes. I had a 3.4 GPA at Oklahoma State. I think a lot of people [that] have called have been worried about that. That’s the main reason why I haven’t gotten offered.”

Some of the top programs in the country are like sharks in the water waiting to attack once he does graduate. Baylor, Ole Miss, Alabama, Kansas, Texas Tech and, yes, Texas have called and are interested in Hubenak.

For a player that grew up just up Interstate-35 from UT’s campus, the idea of playing for the Longhorns has been a dream of his for a long time.

“Texas is always somewhere I wanted to go,” he said. “I lived 30 minutes from there and have been to numerous games.”

The Longhorns currently have one quarterback committed in 2015 in four-star Zach Gentry. But they’ve let it be known that they wouldn’t mind two quarterbacks.

The way Texas QB coach Shawn Watson sees it, the more competition the better.

Hubenak concurs.

"I’m not expecting to go somewhere and them tell me that I will start right away. Quite honestly that probably wouldn’t be a place I want to go anyway. I’m not opposed to competition."

“I’ll have three years left to play,” he said. “If [the school I went to] had a senior starter that wouldn’t bother me. I’m not opposed to QB competition at all. I’m not expecting to go somewhere and them tell me that I will start right away. Quite honestly that probably wouldn’t be a place I want to go anyway. I’m not opposed to competition.”

He just wants the opportunity to prove that he belongs at the Division I FBS level.

“I’m just ready to get to where I’m going to be next,” he said.

Hubenak thought he found a home at Oklahoma State even though the Pokes’ QB room was packed with J.W. Walsh, Daxx Garman, himself and true freshman Mason Rudolph.

“We had our post-spring meeting and they told me I was going to be the backup,” he said. “Two weeks before that J.W. Walsh got injured and hadn’t played well so I thought maybe I would get a chance.”

But then the summer came and Rudolph, a four-star recruit, moved in front of him.

“I was like ‘It’s football. I know things are going to move around.’ So I tried to go talk to Coach [Mike] Gundy and the offensive coordinator [Mike Yurcich] about it and they didn’t really give me an answer about why it happened. They told me I was young and needed to wait it out. Well [Rudolph] is younger than I am. They completely took my reps away and gave them all to him.

“I could understand if I was a bad kid or was getting bad grades but I’ve never been in trouble in my life and was making good grades. Only thing I could think of was I was a walk-on out of high school and he was the big four-star recruit.”

So he left and went to Blinn with hopes of striking it big at the FBS level.

Some guy named Cam Newton followed a similar path to stardom so why couldn’t Hubenak?

“I’ve heard that the only reason I am at a junior college is because I failed out of Oklahoma State,” he said. “That’s not the case. I graduated with above a 4.0 in high school. At OSU I had a 3.4 and have no issues with the workload I am taking right now.

“I’m just anxious. I’m still waiting for my first Division I offer ever. I’m patient and know it will come.”

Who knows, maybe this windy road will lead him back home.


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