VANCE RANTS: On K-State, Ced Reed, more

Texas defensive coordinator Vance Bedford wasn't happy after a 48-45 victory over Iowa State; he compares K-State QB Jake Waters to Russell Wilson; he wants DE Ced Reed to have fun; and he wants safeties who hit so hard a receiver going over the middle might not get up. This week's Top 10 Vance Rants:

#1 ... Texas defensive coordinator Vance Bedford said he allowed himself to be happy after Saturday's 48-45 win over Iowa State, because the team won. But on Sunday, he said he let his defense have it.

"I can't express it in exact terms, but they got the message really fast," Bedford said. "We didn't play smart. We didn't play hard. We got up 14-0, but then you sat back and let the opponent back in the game.

"We had six three-and-outs, but we also gave up long drives and big plays, and those will get you killed."

Bedford said he expects to see a much different performance on Saturday at Kansas State.

#2 ... Bedford said LB Steve Edmond "got dinged" in the Oklahoma game, but "he's fine now."

Bedford said freshman S Jason Hall (patellar tendon) is back at practice but is "day to day."

#3 ... Bedford loves to compare QBs, and he said Kansas State QB Jake Waters reminds him of Russell Wilson.

"Y'all might laugh, but he runs it when he has to run it. He's patient..He completes a high percentage of passes. He had a little pop pass go for 70 yards versus Oklahoma. No one has really defended him."

K-State's bread and butter is the "delay option" in which Waters hesitates for a moment after the snap to see how the defense reacts before deciding where to run or if he'll take a step or two toward the line before pulling up to throw a "pop pass."

"Defending that is all about being disciplined and knowing your assignment," Bedford said. "They are very disciplined in running it, and that's how we have to be in defending it."

#4 ... Bedford said Kansas State's offense is a cross between spread and West Coast principles (same as Texas) and incorporates a lot of specific routes such as curls, flat routes and comebacks.

Bedford credits that to Bill Snyder having been a former receivers coach under Hayden Fry.

"Most teams we've faced, like Iowa State, are more spread concept where there aren't specific routes, it's just 'get open, my guy is better than your guy.' So we just haven't seen much of this."

#5 ... Bedford said he told senior DE Ced Reed this week,"Just be yourself and have some fun. Don't worry about what people are saying. Just go play and have fun."

Reed has just 1.5 sacks and hasn't made much of an impact in the team's four-man rush despite being single-blocked most of the season.

Charlie Strong said on Monday, "Anytime, Number 90 (Malcom Brown) is getting double teamed, and that's most every play, we're getting single blocked outside. And we're not winning outside right now." 

#6 ... Even if Texas' offense was consistently putting up more than 40 points, Bedford said, "At the end of the day, we're going to bring a guy (on a blitz). We want to pressure the ball. Maybe we can get that quarterback to throw that bad ball."

#7 ... Bedford doesn't have what he wants yet at safety.

"We want it where if you throw the ball between the hashes, that receiver might not get up.

"We're looking for guys to fill that role, and we do not have that right now."

The closest thing to a knockout safety on the roster right now is freshman Jason Hall. But he's "not there yet."

"Jason Hall is a freshman, and when he hits you, you do not fall forward," Bedford said. "But I've challenged our other guys to make sure when the ball is thrown to the middle of the field - bad things are going to happen.

"It's got to be personal, like someone breaking into your house."

#8 ... Kansas State WR Tyler Lockett is averaging nearly 27 yards per punt return and has returned one for a TD this season.

"He can change the game on special teams. I wish we could just agree to put the ball down on a yard-line and not have to punt to him."

#9 ... If Texas ever puts all three phases of the game together, "People would be really nervous, because we have a chance to be a really good football team."

Bedford called Texas young, but he said Texas is improving rapidly on offense.

#10 ... Bedford said Bill Snyder is such a good coach because he stresses fundamentals and does a great job of finding recruits who love football and have a chip on their shoulder.

Bedford said Charlie Strong is very similar to Snyder in those regards.

"At Kansas State, you don't see a lot of five-star guys," Bedford said. "You have to break down five-star guys to get them right," Bedford said. "Bill Snyder finds football players who love the game with a chip on their sholder who are going to do exactly what he says, or they're not going to play."

Bedford said the profile of a Charlie Strong recruit is "speed, chip on the shoulder and love for the game." 

"Those are the guys who make great players," Bedford said. "We have some of those guys right now, like Quandre Diggs, Malcom Brown and Jordan Hicks. But we need more of them."

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