20 Thoughts/Notes from Longhorns Presser

Here are 20 thoughts/notes from Texas' Monday press conference

1. No update on Desmond Harrison. Have not made decision on whether or not he'll redshirt.

2. Daje Johnson was back at practice yesterday. He's day-to-day just as Kent Perkins is. Perk came back into the game on Saturday but his knee tightened up on him.

3. Many have questioned why Malcolm Brown was used so sparingly in the second half on Saturday. He had ONE CARRY IN THE SECOND HALF (six total for 21 yards). Strong said it's up to each position coach to rotate who they want to play. He doesn't overrule coaches in that regard. "That's why they are coaching here."

4. Strong continued to stress the fact that Texas can't get off the field on third downs as a big reason why this team is struggling this season. Opponents are 49-of-132 (37%), which doesn't seem like much. But there have been some crucial moments involving third downs this season that just haven't gone Texas' way. That's a big concern.

5. What a difference a week can make. This time last week, as Strong mentioned, we were praising Ty. Not this week after Swoopes was just 13-of-25 for 106 yards. "Last week at this time we were praising Tyrone," he said. "It's all about consistency with him. Ty is still young, still developing. It's all about watching him continue to throw. We have to play better all around and we didn't do that."

6. Is there a chance Heard plays this season? Not likely. "He's going to be an unbelievable player. He just needs to develop." Strong said that if Heard did have to play they wouldn't have to change the offense but would likely have to scale things down a bit.

7. Chip asked Strong if the whole Wickline situation was "goofy semantics" at this point. Strong agreed with Chip. But he did say he had Wickline's back through it all. "At the end of the day that's why he has a lawyer. I'm concerned because he's on our staff and I know who he is. He's my guy."

8. Despite a pretty daunting schedule ahead of them, Strong believes that this team can get to a bowl game. He said he asked the team on Sunday if they wanted to by a show of hands, and then had everyone put their hands down except for the seniors because that's who should really want to get to one. " "We're not going to change up. There's no need for us to change up. It's all about these seniors. We have to get them to a bowl game."

9. Something else that Strong continued to preach was the fact that Texas wasn't losing these games because of what the other team was doing so well, but because of what UT was doing to itself. "We have struggles but we create our own. It's not about what someone else does."

10. False starts continue to be an issue for this team. Strong said that guys are jumping, not hearing the snap count, not focusing and not locking in." I'm not sure who is to blame for this lack of focus. But it has to be fixed, and now. Texas is about to play their 9th game of the season. Those are early season issues.

11. There still aren't enough leaders on this team, per Strong. But he did single out the following players: Quandre Diggs, Malcom Brown, Jordan Hicks, Steve Edmond, Malcolm Brown, Johnathan Gray, Jaxon Shipley and John Harris.

12. A 3-5 record isn't an easy thing to sell recruits. But there are positives to take from it... like a bad record usually screams early playing opportunities: "Charlie Strong on recruiting: "When you are sitting there at 3-5 a lot of them can play for you. What sales here is UT. They do see record but they also see University, and it's a great place."

13. Strong isn't pointing fingers for this season. If he is they are directed right back at himself: "Me personally, I don't think I've done a great job because we wouldn't be 3-5 if I had."

14. If you wanted Strong to blast all of those questionable calls on Saturday, don't hold your breath. "I don't complain about the officiating. We gotta play better." ... "We're sitting here 3-5 - that's not acceptable within this program. Frustrated and disappointed. Now we'll see how good a coach we are because we can't allow the players to check out."

15. The Big 12 has announced that West Virginia-Texas will be at 2:30 on FS1. Game is Nov. 8 at DKR.

16. Swoopes continued to say that it's a bunch of little things that continue to plague this offense. He wouldn't elaborate on what those little things were.

17. Last week Ty saw one of the highs of being Texas' starting QB as everyone praised him for his play against ISU. This week he's seeing the low - everyone wants to blame him. To his credit, Ty said he doesn't listen to anything outside of Moncrief so what we say doesn't really bother him.

18. Going to a bowl game would mean the world to Hicks. Texas didn't make a bowl game his freshman season and he just can't envision not going to one his senior season. "It's very important. We have to take everything one step at a time."

19. Hicks said he hadn't heard anything about his medical hardship. He said he really hadn't thought about it at all and that he's focusing on Texas Tech. I'd asked because I wondered if the way this season played out had any impact on whether he'd come back if given the opportunity.

20. Diggs was his usual straight-forward self. A few quoteables:

"We've got to get everybody on board."

"Eight games in you'd expect guys to get it by now."

"[Going to bowl] is very important. It's the reason I came back to school."

On not going to a bowl: "It wouldn't kill us. It would kill the program. Making a bowl is bare minimum at Texas."

On what his brother Quentin Jammer has to say about what's going on here: "Stuff that wouldn't be good for the media."

"I have nothing but faith in Charlie Strong. Give the man some time."

"Guys think they are stars. It's not high school anymore."

"A lot of guys came from losing programs. I didn't."

"I hope they come out with tortillas. Might get some guys fired up."


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