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findingout1 wrote: If Texas has been looking for receivers and none seem to be biting, why don't they go after some in juco? There's been multiple successful receivers come into big time programs recently and contribute right away such as Duke Williams at Auburn for this years example. They want speedy guys like newsome so why not go after a guy like Cory Butler or something? A lot of his film is cb but when he does wr stuff he's a burner and really elusive. Plus he shows he can get after it on spec teams both as a returner and gunner. There's other guys as well but it just sticks out to me because he's committed to Kansas... That would be a steal and think he'd actually do pretty good on us next year if we don't get speed on the back end

Higs’ Answer:What I can tell you is Texas is leaving no stone unturned when it comes to the WR position OR any other position left on the board...They are looking for the best HS/JUCO players they can find from across the country. The issue happens when the fans do not know everything going on behind closed doors. They look at what they see on the surface or face value and at times it spooks them I guess.

martymondragon wrote: Higs, 1. What was the overall response from recruits this past Saturday as far as game atmosphere, coaching, team, players?

2. Is the lack of a consistent passing game hurting us with big time offensive recruits like Lodge, Newsome, and Burt?

Higs’ Answer:1. I did not speak to a single recruit who was not blown away by the atmosphere, crowd and stadium. This team has TONS of heart and it shows...players are taking notice.

2. It might be a little bit but they need the players to be able to do what they want to do..I think these guys do understand that.

HippyThinking wrote: On the other thread I asked about Charles and DeShons recent visits to other schools, you said no to Charles and possibly to DeShon then said they both better be very careful. Care to elaborate on very careful? As in careful they don't lose their spot in this class?

Higs’ Answer: You shop we shop...that is the way recruiting works...not just for Texas but ANY school....if you have verbal commits that continue to take trips to other schools you better be careful....That can only be viewed one way for a staff and that is this kid is looking to jump ship so we better have a plan in place....or take someone else before it happens....

SMTX65 wrote: Jason, you seem to know more about Strong's way of recruiting better than any other media sources. Do you honestly think we'll end up with a top 10 class? Also, do you think there are any silent commits from this weekend?

Higs’ Answer: Absolutely Texas will no question. They are what, No 14 now? With 18 kids in the class?? Yes, Texas will end up with a top 10 class and I believe they have an "outside" shot at ending up at or around the No 5 spot IF things go the way they are hoping they go moving forward....LOT of ground to cover between now and things going the way they hope....and Yes to the 2nd part of your question I do believe that.

shotymee wrote: QB recruiting has slowed down, with now new offers for a while now. Is Texas still set on taking 2 QB commitments in this class. Any new names?

Higs’ Answer:I believe you will absolutely see a 2nd QB in this class...HS, JUCO name your pick it will happen my good man....I can think of one juco and one hs QB they could take right now if they wanted but they will be patient with this to the end...Gentry on board is a HUGE LUXURY I might add.

shotymee wrote: How confident are that Texas lands either K.Boyd or Holtin Hill? Any chance we land both?

Higs’ Answer: I think clearly they could l and both of these players...I like the relationship between Hill and the staff as well as Boyd, I also love the fact that Boyds younger brother has named Texas the leader...that is a big deal that has seemingly flown under the radar a little bit.

findingout1 wrote: oh and i saw another site said kirkland scheduled a visit, but I wasn't able to see exactly what it said since I'm only subscribed to HD haha. So is this true? and if it is then when did he schedule it?

Higs’ Answer: Yes that is true... He will make his OV to Texas on 12/6.

sawdin wrote: Jason, Given the lack of depth at many positions, and the lack of proven talent that is returning, UT should be scouring the JUCO ranks, especially for:

QB: What's the latest on UT checking out JUCO QB's? Are they still interested in Hubenak (Blinn) and Daniel Fitzwater (CLCC)? Anyone else?

OT: Anyone else besides Rankin (who seems more interested in staying in MS) and Hodges?

WR: No proven talent returning to make up Harris' and Shipley's production, and possible they whiff on their top HS recruits.

LB: Especially MLB, and again, be prepared in case they whiff on HS targets.

DT: Would be nice to have another who can step in and play.

Any names you can share?


Higs’ Answer: They need to further evaluate Hubenak..he is interesting for sure and really really loves Texas so that is one to keep an eye on moving forward....Texas needs numbers at QB for sure. I am not sure you can take both, meaning, either you take another HS kid OR you take another QB that is a JUCO.....The only thing that is certain on my end is Texas will not end NSD 2015 with one QB on board..

Hodges is interesting..I agree with you on Rankin..Brandon is taking an OV to OkSt this weekend and then UF the following wknd..then plays in title game on Dec 7 and then goes to Louisville for an OV...I do not believe you will see Texas land either with the recent addition to the OL. It might come down to how serious Tillery is about taking an OV to Texas in the future..

Texas will not whiff at the WR position..some things might not be clear right now for the general public but they will not whiff at the WR position

LB keep an eye on Cecil Cherry my friend...

DT, I am not so sure the door is 100% closed on Mote but we will see what happens..

martymondragon wrote: With a possible addition of C. Warren or N. Brosette...which of RB recruits do you see jumping ship? I would hate to lose Stevenson, guy has been committed from the last staff and can flat our play. Different sort of back we need to keep....

Higs’ Answer: I think with Jordan its pretty clear he is looking at his options and this is without EITHER Brossett or Warren in the fold...can you imagine what he might do if one or both joined the Texas class?

PabloDeTejas wrote: Forgive me if this has been asked and answered elsewhere. If you had to put a number on our odds of landing Cecil Cherry, what would they be? We need really need this kid to be a Longhorn.

Higs’ Answer: I believe, even with him being a Vol commit that Texas is the team to beat as of today. I mean, putting him at 51% gives them the edge especially given the idea he is a public commit to another team but I would probably feel good about being at or around 65-70% with him today maybe higher. Jamie Newberg has an interview with him that will post tonight that you might not want to miss.

Khaos27 wrote: How interested is Darrin Kirkland in Texas and realistically what are the Longhorns chances with him?

Higs’ Answer:Its very real and I think the fact he is taking this OV proves how serious he is. He has known these guys for a while, in particular the defensive coaches of Strong, Jean-Mary and Bedford..that is a big deal and he has opened things back up so he already has a built in comfort factor with the Texas staff and the facilities will sell themselves...After he takes this OV we will find out how serious he actually is about the Longhorns and joining this program.

findingout1 wrote: oh and i saw another site said kirkland scheduled a visit, but I wasn't able to see exactly what it said since I'm only subscribed to HD haha. So is this true? and if it is then when did he schedule it? I heard he and Newsome will be here together for their officials.

Higs’ Answer: Kirkland is set for that wknd..Newsome is not a done deal for that particular OV weekend though but appears he might come that wknd as well...

BamaTex1 wrote: I think Ive asked this before and got an answer but forgot, any news coming form Thompson, the Bama commit and Texas? I know when Strong was hired, we supposedly hit him hard, but has there been any contact between the two parties?

Higs’ Answer: Texas fans need to move on from this one I believe...If he sets and OV we will revisit the situation but that seems unlikely at this time

bilalpaul wrote: Higs, First of all, I really appreciate the work you do. Thank you. How many silent commits from the weekend? I'm setting the over/under at 2.

Higs’ Answer:I like that because its a nice even number, easy to deal with the number 2 I think

Hps368 wrote: Jason, whats the more likely duo to commit? Kirland and Clark or Clarington and Cherry or Irvin?

Higs’ Answer:These are tricky questions...for example..if Kirkland and Clark are more likely because they have a 2% chance of being in the class over Clarington and Cherry and or Irivin because they only have a 1% chance my answer would simply be Clark and Kirkland.....but not knowing what the % actually is this answer becomes a moot point...In this situation I will always go with the kids who have made OV's, in this case the kids from Florida would have a better chance until the other two step foot on campus then we revisit the situation....I like Texas and their chances with the Florida kids right now

jontexas wrote: Looks like Kirkland set up na OV on December 5th, and Newsome is setting his up to that date as well, or trying to move it to that date. That good news? Also could we expect Malik on campus that day/weekend as well or at a different time?

Higs’ Answer:DK yes for that wknd...Newsome not set in stone just yet but seem most likely he could come that wknd as well....I am not expecting MJ that wknd as of today not sure what his plans are for an OV to Texas but they believe he will take one

Hps368 wrote: If we don't land Burt, Newsome, Thomas who do you see us landing at wideout? Also, how serious is brosette? If we land him and or warren does Stevenson recommit? Thanks for the good work!

Higs’ Answer:Touched on WR earlier in thread.....Some things simply are not what they appear to be and the WR position imo is one of them..Touched on Stevenson as well earlier....he is looking a bit currently imagine what will happen if Texas lands one OR both of those RB's?

HookedonHorns2797 wrote: Who would you compare Malik Jefferson to in the college game right now? Is he similar to Ryan Shazier from Ohio State the kid who got drafted first round last year?

Higs’ Answer: A bigger Shazier and more athletic.

HookedonHorns2797 wrote: Any realistic chance with SoSo,or do the number of Rbs we have scare him away?

Higs’ Answer: Texas has three on board right now, however, they might not all stick and two more really good RB's with Warren and Brossett heavily in the mix..not sure they have any room at all to even think about SoSo regardless of his interest level at this time..

wavoigt2791 wrote: Where are we with malik? Aggies seem to be gaining confidence....

Higs’ Answer:Aggies think they are a real option for MJ and McNeal. it is recruiting so anything could happen but that will surprise me to see go down. The great thing about this situation is we have about 5 weeks and both players will go public...

SMTX65 wrote: Have you heard anything about UT possibly recruiting Drew Richmond? Noticed that he recently started following Strong and Giglio on Twitter.

Higs’ Answer:Man alive you don't miss anything lol good for you.....Drew Richmond is currently an Ole Miss verbal....Again, all I can tell you is Texas will leave NO stone unturned between now and NSD...

AJMan38 wrote: Former Florida HS and current Georgia Prep star WR Gilbert Johnson visited UT with the rest of the Florida crew, any news on him? At 6'5 200 looks like an option to replace Burt if need be.

Higs’ Answer:lol I guess I should have read all the questions before I answered them. Yes, Gilbert is a great LOOKING WR prospect...and as I have alluded since Charlie and company took over at Texas they have a LOT of things going on behind closed doors most ppl are simply not aware of...Gilbert is friends with those guys and Texas has a chance to pull some kids from the Sunshine state for 2015 imo for sure....He is not another option if Burt bolts, they want to land both of these players....both are VERY good WR's one would be great but you land both that would be fantastic

shotymee wrote: Over/Under 3.5 on FL kids in 2015 class? Did Khalid McGee receive an offer?

Higs’ Answer: Under 3.5 and no sir.

MBHORNSFAN wrote: I like Cherry a lot not sure where he will end up but an interesting tidbit he has followed a ton of UT people on twitter the past few days. Just saying.

Higs’ Answer: My vote is Texas.......

BamaTex1 wrote: If only there was a secret Texas site that Jason could divulge his secretes if we signed non-disclosure agreements haha. Count me excited that even though I don't know what our class will end up at, I know we have some studs that Higgs knows about that we aren't even mentioning. Hook'em

Higs’ Answer: lol.....I am not a big fan of the cloak and dagger stuff but it is real unfortunately.

BamaTex1 wrote: Any chance we flip some of these top state guys committed elsewhere? Or are we even actively recruiting them?

Stidham (tech)

Lodge (none)

Teuhema (LSU)

Thompson (BAMA)

Lynch (BU)

Jones (Okie St)

Higs’ Answer: I am going with no on all of those kids.

AustinStrong1017 wrote: How many CB's will sign for the good guys on NSD? How many recruits will commit to the good guys on NSD? Will we flip any recruits to the good guys on NSD? Will any of our commits flip to another school on NSD? Overall how excited will we be on NSD? 1-10?

Higs’ Answer: Two CB's is the safe pick. Goal is 31 so I think a safe number would be around 28-29. Yes imo you will see the "Flip."ummm, I would not be shocked to see a kid leave the class no sir. Well, to answer this question you would need to give me your top five kids overall you would like to see in the 2015 class.

HookedonHorns2797 wrote: If Malik commits on the 20th of December (It's a big IF) will he be a great recruiter for us and who are some of the players recruitments he could effect if he did commit?

Higs’ Answer:Daylon Mack would be No 1 player I believe Malik would have an impact on....Boyd and Hill close 2nd and 3rd....Its the perception landing Malik brings to Texas that would be worth its weight in gold

gohrns wrote: When I read Jason's answers I think to myself, " In Charlie I trust. " I just have this feeling that come NSD there are going to be some big surprises and Texas is going to be looking good. Jason, who ends up with better 2015 class? Texas or aggie?

Higs’ Answer:I like to look at the average star ranking of each class for a more accurate breakdown...Aggies are sitting at 6 with a 3.70 average star ranking. 20 commits I think it is....Longhorns sit at 14 I believe and are at 3.33 with 18 kids. I think Texas has a great shot to catch Texas A&M before its all said and or two main swing guys for each team still out there but I like what I am hearing right now as it relates to Texas recruiting.

SMTX65 wrote: Who do you like more between Cherry and Kirkland? If Kirkland leaves Austin really impressed, I wonder if it might push Cherry to change his mind on a NSD decision. I can't imagine getting both of them, but it would be great if we could.

Higs’ Answer:I mentioned this earlier in the thread, shame on you for not reading all the answers. When I am looking at players of pretty much equal talent on paper I go with the kid from the state I feel produces more high quality talent than any other. In this case I am going with Cecil Cherry. He is familiar with the staff has a teammate playing for Texas he is VERY close with and grew up watching Texas and some of their star players..

AustinStrong1017 wrote: Can you put a percentage on these guys signing with Texas? Just based on what you're hearing, right now. Can you throw out a recruit(s) name that might be a high percentage guy to sign that we don't talk about.













Higs’ Answer:12/6 is going to possibly be Darrin Kirkland and Ryan Newsome and Chris Clark by the well as Garrett Thomas and Connor Williams also on the 6th....Will Gragg will make his OV to Texas the 2nd wknd in December he told me..

Nicholas Brossette is going to take his OV to Texas in January. Mark Fields is also making an OV to Texas in January.

D. Clarington/DeAndre McNeal already made OV’s to Texas for the WV game.

Ronnie Hoggins and Sheldrick Redwine are going to make OV’s they are not sure when right now.

Daylon Mack told me he is not taking an OV to Texas earlier today.

TCU, LSU and A&M are the only three schools I am looking at,” Mack Said.

Chris Clark, Will Gragg, Ryan Newsome, Chris Warren, Brossette, Hill and Boyd have not made OV’s to Texas. Daylon says he is not planning to take one to Texas.

If everyone on this list had already made their OV to Texas I could put percentages on each of them based off what I felt. However, the only kids to take OV’s from your list are Clarington, Cherry and McNeal. On top of that Kirkland, Clark, Gragg, Warren and Brossette are all out of state recruits.

I can predict that Texas is the team to beat for Newsome, Warren, Brossette, Hill and Boyd but it’s under the assumption they take their OV’s to Texas. You will hardly ever ever ever ever see a kid end up in a class that does not make an OV. My other issue is, very rarely do you see a kid end up in a class that makes only ONE trip to your school, that being the OV. As of today that would include Clarington, Irvin, Davis and Cherry. However, we see some other circumstances with Cherry for example because of his ties to Chris Nelson and his love for Texas as a youngster. All things that most be taken into account when trying to predict or lay percentages on kids.

Each recruit no matter the position has a domino effect on the rest of the class. Each player that commits at a certain position has a much great effect on kids in the class at that same position. For example, if Texas lands one of the numerous tight end prospects on the board right now they rest are out the door. Right now Clarington is my guy because he made his OV but will that be the only trip he makes to Austin. When he goes out to San Antonio for the all star game will he and or his family try and get back to Austin??

Everyone on your list appears likely for an OV to Texas if they have not made one already other than Mack. The next most unlikely (If that makes sense) to take an OV to Texas would appear to be Gragg.

I think Texas is in good shape with Cherry, Clarington they are in it, Hill, Boyd and Newsome but I want to see IF they step on campus for those OV’s those are sooo big for me as well as numerous other factors. I really like whats going on in the Brossette and Warren camps as well right now but again, no OV means no chanc and neither have made them yet but they say they will so we can only assume that will happen…


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