HD Debate: A Cause for Panic?

What if Tyrone Swoopes is ahead of Jerrod Heard after this spring? Should UT faithful melt down? William Wilkerson and Chip Brown chime in with their thoughts.

William Wilkerson

If this is the case and there aren’t burning couches up and down The Drag then there is something seriously wrong with the Texas fan base. Throw in a few dumpster fires for good measure.

OK, so I’m kidding about all that. But I do think this scenario should ignite some serious panic among Longhorns faithful. It’s about time this thing gets put in Heard’s hands right?

Conventional wisdom would suggest so given Swoopes’ struggles in 2014 and the fact that he just never seemed to take that leap forward that you would expect.

But from what we’re hearing this scenario could come about more because of what Heard isn’t doing than what he is. And that’s the troubling part.

If Heard isn’t taking complete ownership of this opportunity and doing the extra things to make him the best quarterback he can possibly be, then going with Swoopes, who we are hearing is doing all of those things, makes sense.

There is still plenty of time for Heard to prove this to the coaching staff and his teammates before Texas touches down in South Bend to kickoff the 2015 season. But the clock is certainly ticking. Heard needs to get a move on this, especially before the QB room gets even more crowded with Kai Locksley (and potentially Matthew Merrick) during fall camp.

If Heard is putting in all of the effort the coaches are looking for and Swoopes still gets the nod, well, that’s troubling too. My guess is that he’ll find his way and become the alpha dog before it’s too late.

Chip Brown

Yes. Melt down. I mean completely. No, of course not. I'm kidding. Don't melt down. There's still time for the QB battle to play out.

Remember when Colt McCoy, a redshirt freshman, seemed to be behind early-enrollee freshman Jevan Snead in the spring of 2006?

What happened? McCoy got pissed off that Snead had the better spring game and was perceived the leader, and he plugged into a grinding work ethic that served him well the next four years.

The bottom line is that both Swoopes and Heard need to feel an intense competition and the urgency to get the upper hand and then rise to the challenge.

And that means doing everything they can - even on their own time - to improve their knowledge of the offense and thus prove to their coaches, teammates and to themselves that they're ready to be the guy. And not just walking around campus or on 6th Street saying their the guy.

David Thomas said this spring we should find out who wants to say they play football at Texas and who wants to PLAY Texas football. Big difference.

And that difference has to sink in loud and clear at the QB position this spring and every day after.


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