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jmj934 wrote:

Still feel very confident about Taylor?


Romo needs an established running game if Dallas is going to get to the super bowl, plus Hardy needs to come back from suspension ready to dominant......They didn't have much pass rush last year.


Does Tiger make it through the Players Championship without an "injury" or WD?


Does Shaka Smart actually sleep at night or is he not human?



1) A UT official told me as of Thursday Taylor had not let the school know of his decision or if he had made up his mind. Based on what I've heard I think he stays - unless someone gets in his ear and gives him some really bad advice.

2) The Cowboys need to hope the Hardy suspension gets reduced from 10 games to 6 games on appeal. Even with that, Hardy would miss both games against the Giants who may be the Cowboys' biggest threat to win the NFC East this season.

3) Tiger makes it through. Lindsey Vonn's looking hot and seems to have Tiger's glutes activating.

4) He "naps" at night 


TimmyLonghorn wrote:

Hey Chip, in the past Quandre has made comments about guys on the team that shouldn't be. Do you know who he's referring to? Are those guys starters?

Is Peter Jinkens pretty much done? I don't see how he can keep Freeman off the field..

1) I think there were some guys on both sides of the ball who didn't fight as long or as hard as others thought they should. And the coaching staff is convinced the increased competition from the 2015 recruiting class will take care of that.

2) Peter Jinkens needs to kick it up  - way up.


HookedonHorns2797 wrote:

You think Cowboys can still win the Super Bowl after the Hardy suspension? And what do you think of the suspension? Honestly I know what Greg did was bad but this seems like the NFl being reactionary once again and assuming that they are above the law. Why should Hardy have to pay for Goodel being a jacka** and messing up the Ray Rice case? And where the hell did they get 10 games from? They pull that number out of a hat??

1) I'm not sure the Cowboys' defense is good enough (and of course we don't know what the Cowboys' running game is going to be).

2) Goodell had to come out strong with the 10-game suspension  probably knowing it will get reduced on appeal.


HookedonHorns2797 wrote:

People are really doom and gloom about the football team right now but I think we have a ton of young talent and by the end of the year we are gonna be a VERY solid team. What say you?

There's going to be good young talent on campus in June that will get coached up. That's exciting.


martymondragon wrote:

Do you think the spring game will give Heard the confidence necessary to pull in front of Swoopes?


How do you see the UT baseball series with TCU going this weekend? 

1) Yes. I think Heard gained the confidence in the spring to push Swoopes and maybe pass him in fall camp. If not fall camp maybe soon after.

2) TCU will be favored, but UT is desperate, and the Horns are suddenly hitting the ball. So we'll see.


psitton wrote:
If Texas gets Tevin Mack, do you think him or Barnett would start at small forward?

In Shaka's system guys will be rotating like crazy. I think Barnett will have an early edge because he's already on campus.

2football wrote:
Good morning Chip,

In the spring game thread you only listed 10 starters and in the HD Only part about "what did the coaches learn from the Spring" about various position groups, you didn't mention the TE/H-back/FB group. It now seems that it was Alex de la Torres who actually started with the "1's" during the Spring game and eberts@burntorangenation has listed him as the starting te going forward, ahead of Beck.

With the current spread tweak from a 12 personnel base to an 11 personnel base, is A DLT the guy - or what do you think is going on with the te's coming out of the spring game ?

Watson really likes Andrew Beck. Whiteley is coming on. We'll see if Dev Clarington can push to get on the field this year. Physically - at almost 6-6 - Dev brings a lot to the table.

dogus wrote:

  1. Any updates on UT's new tennis facility? Sorry if I missed reading about it on the site.
  2. What do you expect the Mavs to do this offseason now that the Rondo trade backfired? Who do they target?
  3. Any chance Mavs can make this a series with Rockets or are the injuries too much?
  4. What's your favorite NBA playoff series so far? For me even though Warriors-Pelicans is 3-0, I've really enjoyed each game.
  1. Regents will vote in late May on the new tennis facility location, which I've been told will be behind Disch-Falk Field and across from the softball field (currently a parking lot).

  2. They have to get younger at PG and find another sniper outside shooter.

  3. I think the Parsons injury is huge - maybe too much to overcome.

  4. Agreed (Pelicans- Warriors) as well as Spurs v Clippers (Game 2 was crazy).

Stefdakiid wrote:
Do you think Diggs can earn a nickel spot in the AFC North? Preferably Baltimore.

Who will have a better career/rookie season Malcolm Brown or Danny Shelton?

Are the Warriors legit? I have a feeling they get knocked out next round.

  1. Maybe Pittsburgh

  2. I love Malcom Brown's upside in the NFL.

  3. I think the Warriors are in trouble against a really good defensive team. (Like the Spurs.)

SMTX65 wrote:

ChipBrownHD wrote:

SMTX65 wrote:
Good Friday morning Chip! Let's hear your thoughts on our least talked about signee from the 2015 class. Where do you see him playing in the long term? I have never heard him mentioned as anything other than LB or DE, but he has a perfect build for a TE but I have no idea how fast he is. I can tell from watching his film while playing DE that he is very quick getting out of his stance but have no idea about overall speed.

You talking about Devonaire Clarington?

I think he can be really good as a standup TE.

I have two more: RB Kirk Johnson and LB Cameron Townsend

I think Johnson will contend for playing time this season because he has such great feet and balance and can make people miss in the hole from point-blank range (a la Emmitt Smith).

Townsend is just a smart, savvy vacuum cleaner from sideline to sideline

Oh crap, forgot to mention his name. Breckyn Hager

I think Breckyn Hager comes to UT on a mission, and he's got the same mean streak/ intensity as his father Britt (UT's all-time leading tackler).

I don't see him at TE. I see him playing LB or DE depending on how his body changes/adds weight.

I think Breckyn has a really good first step, but he's probably a little light right now to play DE. So I think he'll get a look at all the LB spots to see if he's a fit there for right now.

RD3txex wrote:

1. How is Coach Traylor meshing with his new special teams duties?

2. If we put the new basketball arena on campus, how big will it be? Will it be something the city uses like the Erwin Center is today?  Re: concerts all the time or will it be basketball only?

3. Who else has input on the basketball arena?  Fenves, Board?

4. Is Mack Brown on good terms with Patterson? He is in Dubai with Patterson's wife as their guide. Strange?  Or does Mack blame Powers for his firing?

5. Are the other board members that were on the same side of Wallace Hall [Pejovich, Cranberg] tired of this continued battle? They confirmed Fenves after all and even voted for him.

1) I think Coach Traylor is meshing well. He's a really bright offensive mind with good ideas, and he's tough when it comes to coaching special teams.

2)  The arena plans are 12,000 to 14,000 and used for concerts. (I've heard McRaven is trying to convince the regents to spend $135 million to $150 million toward a new hoops arena since athletics didn't have a say in the Erwin Center being selected for demolition as a result of the new medical school.)

3) It's mostly Patterson presenting it to Fenves and the board of regents. And I hear that could happen as early as late May.

4) I'm not sure where Mack's relationship is with Patterson. I've heard it's good, and I've heard it's strained.

5) McRaven got Wallace Hall to abstain on the 8-0 vote for Fenves, and that was a huge sign that McRaven is having a strong influence on the regents board. I think it's a positive sign that McRaven is starting to get the board to put Texas ahead of the messy politics of the past.


hookryan400 wrote:

Hey Chip,

Do you think the class of 2015 kids can come in and make a big difference right away? And when I say difference I mean like have Texas in position to make the playoff or contend for a big 12 Championship? Or is Texas still a year or 2 away from being able to achieve these? IMO after watching the spring game, we need a lot more talent on the field!

Also, just how good are the 2015 WR's in your opinion? Can you give thoughts and maybe compare them to WR's of the past or present? Thanks!

1) I think expecting any kind of Big 12 championship run this year is premature. 

But there are some really talented freshmen who are going to play A LOT this year, and they should be ready to help Texas get to double digit wins in 2016.

I think it's going to take another full recruiting class to fill in depth at key positions (OL, QB, LB and WR, etc).

2016 is the year I look for Texas to be back in the Big 12 title chase - as long as the offense and QB make huge strides this year as the season goes on.

This year's team should trend up all season long. If it catches fire with an early upset of ND or TCU, watch out. Otherwise, I think it's a year in which 7, 8 or 9 wins gets UT pointed in the right direction for a double-digit win season in 2016 and for years to come (if Strong keeps recruiting like he did in 2015).

2) I'm not feeling this year's receivers yet at all. I think I like Armanti Foreman, because I saw him make some plays, running away from people (TCU) last year. But I'm not sold on much after that.

We all keep waiting for Daje and Marcus Johnson to take the next step. We've heard good things about Jacorey Warrick and saw him make a couple plays in the spring game. But need to see it in a game that matters.

Not sold on Dorian Leonard yet - at all. Lorenzo Joe seems like a grinder, and so does Ty Templin. Looking forward to seeing John Burt, Gilbert Johnson, Ryan Newsome and DeAndre McNeal. I think there's real opportunity at WR for those freshmen.

Also looking forward to seeing Roderick Bernard come back from the ACL. That kid has burst.


RGHorns wrote:

Chip, what are the chances we get Darius James back this year or if we get him back at all?  If he does come back and take a spot with first team, what could our OL depth chart look like?

Darius James is coming back from and ACL tear (suffered in practice late in the year last season), and coaches have been using that time to get him straightened out academically. Hard to say what his future holds at this point.

I was told when I reported about some likely attrition back in December that there might be a couple more leaving the OL group after Curtis Riser decided to transfer.


Hordac10 wrote:

Chip- Did you see where Burt ran a 13.56 100m hurdle time yesterday & high jumped 6'6" ? Dude is a freaky athlete. What type of early impact can he have ?

I'm impressed with Burt and can't wait to see if he can bring the same kind of impact to Texas that DaVante Parker brought to Louisville. That's who he reminds me of, so I think he can have a big impact as a freshman.


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